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30 Before 30 // My Big Girl Bucket List // www.thehisfor.com

Today’s my half birthday.

Happy half birthday to me!! In 6 months, I’ll be 29, which means that in 18 months, I’ll be 30… THIRTY. Y’all… stuff just got real. If I look back to myself at age 20 and think about the image I had in my head of myself at thirty, I am so happy to say that the blessings in my life FAR EXCEED anything I could’ve pictured for myself back then. PLUS, my experiences have been absolutely unbelievable. To be honest, I’m ALMOST ready for 30. I have a feeling that my best years are yet to come. Yes, I said that. I’m fairly certain that I will enjoy my 30’s more than my 20’s and even more certain that I will love my 40’s even more! [Okay, life would be a lot harder to swallow if I looked at aging as a negative…

So, yeah. I’m pumped for 30 and all that decade will bring for me!

However, there are a few bucket list items, 30 to be exact, that I’d like to accomplish while I still have the youthful, explorative and, daresay optimistically-naive nature of my twenties going for me! I started this list of ’30 Before 30′ a few months ago when I realized that my thirties are most definitely within reach… I mean, as of today, they’re only a year and a half away. I wrote it in my phone, but today I’m posting it up on my corner of the internet to hold myself accountable and to make myself record/journal the experiences so that I will be able to read over when I’m older. So, over the next 18 months, I’m going to make it my mission to do all of these things, as I believe they will make this cotton-candy life only sweeter for me [you’ll notice a majority of my bucket list items are in the heart-warming section, putting an emphasis on making memories and growing relationships with those who matter most].

Over the next 18 months as I knock out this list of 30 before 30, I hope to consistently remember, day in and day out, that life, just like my 20’s, is fleeting and we aren’t guaranteed another day, much less a decade. I want to use this as a tool to love others a little more. To open my heart to new experiences. To be still, even, and look at my life instead of my phone. To embrace courage to do something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little girl. And to include those I love most into the making of these memories.

Without further ado, here’s my list of 3o before 30.

30 Things to do Before I turn 30:

Healthy Living:

  1. Do a Tough Mudder with F
  2. Try 10 new workout studios [1/10–Beyond500, 2/10–Social Mechanics, 3/10–V12 Yoga, 4/10–FITNZ, 5/10–Vital Fitness, 6/10–Zyn22, 7/10–SoulCycle, 8/10–Vive Personal Training, 9/10–WeYogis]
  3. Unplug for an entire weekend… twice.
  4. Run a 10K
  5. Be able to do the splits again [I stole this one from Mackenzie]

Heart Warming:

  1. Go on 18 dates with F [12/5/16] [1/19/17] 
  2. Go on 10 dates [of the 18 above] doing something we’ve never done before [12/5/2016]
  3. Read 3 books for fun
  4. Go on a trip just as a couple
  5. Go on a trip just as a family of 3
  6. Leave North America
  7. Go to Vegas [April 2017]
  8. Write 2 devotionals [1/2–A Proverbs A Day]
  9. Read the entire Bible front to back 
  10. Go on a date with my dad

Haute Mama:

  1. Go to one of those paint and drink places with my girls
  2. Redesign and Rebrand The H is For… [Rebranded: 12/9/16] [Redesigned: 1/16/17]
  3. Coordinate and execute 5 styled shoots [1/5–Halloween Party]
  4. Go to 5 concerts [2/5–Coldplay, Adele]
  5. Sing at an open mic night

Home Making:

  1. Draw plans to renovate the house
  2. Make my bed every day for a month
  3. Plant a garden
  4. Have a weekend-long staycation
  5. Throw 5 parties at my home [1/5–NYE Party] [2/5–B’s 2nd Birthday]

Happy Baby:

  1. Take B on a mommy-son date 18 times [11/14/16] [12/10/16] 
  2. Give B a playroom [1/19/17]
  3. Move B into a big boy bed
  4. Potty train B
  5. Get B into a good preschool program

These are my 30 before 30. If you have a bucket list or something similar, I’d love to see yours too! My inspiration for this was Mackenzie Horan’s list of 101 things in 1001 days. I tailored it to meet my life right now. Please send me yours and we can follow along on our journeys together!

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