30 Before 30 Update // 6 Months Left!


I turned twenty-nine 6 months ago, but it honestly feels like yesterday! So much life has happened in these past 6 months, yet I feel like they’ve just flown by. It’s already November and I can’t believe that my 30 Before 30 Big Girl Bucket List has just 6 months left before expiration!

12 months ago, I posted my 30 Before 30 List… My ‘Big Girl Bucket List’. My goal is simple. I’d like to complete 30 specific things before I turn 30. I’m doing my 12 month check in here just so I can see how much work I need to do in 6 months! Overall, I’m pretty proud of where I stand on this. The most important ones, to me, were the relational ones – where I invested serious time and energy in those I love most. I’ve really benefitted from putting date night with F first and from trying to think of fun and dynamic ways for Baby B and I to spend time alone together! Some of these items probably won’t happen before I turn thirty and that’s okay. I’m not going to try to run a 10K or a Tough Mudder while pregnant and they probably won’t happen in the 6 weeks between baby girl’s delivery and my birthday…

HOWEVER, this pregnancy, alone, is a bucket list item. I remember making this list last year and I wanted to put down “Get pregnant” or “Have another baby” but I know that pregnancy and childbirth are not on my schedule, but on His, so I decided not to put a timeline on it… I’m so happy that I’m going to be a mommy again before my 30th birthday. What an amazing gift to turn 30 and look back on this beautiful family I’m so blessed to be a part of!

So here it goes, here’s my 30 Before 30 update. Here are the items I’m either currently working on or have already completed! Click here to see the full list.

30 Before 30 – 30 Things to do Before I turn 30:

Healthy Living:

  1. Do a Tough Mudder with F *Okay, so there’s a bit of a wrench in this plan with baby #2 on the way… maybe I can make it happen in the 6 weeks after she’s born… probably not.
  2. Try 10 new workout studios [1/10–Beyond500, 2/10–Social Mechanics, 3/10–V12 Yoga, 4/10–FITNZ, 5/10–Vital Fitness, 6/10–Zyn22, 7/10–SoulCycle, 8/10–Vive Personal Training, 9/10–WeYogis, 10/10–Cyclebar] *I’ve done it!! I  can’t wait to try out more!
  3. Unplug for an entire weekend… twice.
  4. Run a 10K *See point #1…
  5. Be able to do the splits again

Heart Warming:

  1. Go on 18 dates with F [we’ve been on 14/18 dates!]
  2. Go on 10 dates [of the 18 above] doing something we’ve never done together before [5 new restaurants] [afternoon road trip] [bowling in OK] [white water rafting] [SoulCycle class together] [Pizza and wine night IN with a movie!] *I loved this challenge!
  3. Read 3 books for fun [The Bible] [Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen]
  4. Go on a trip just as a couple [Oklahoma, baby!] *all done!
  5. Go on a trip just as a family of 3
  6. Leave North America *This is technically happening one month after my 30th birthday… That counts, right?
  7. Go to Vegas [April 2017] *Done and Done!
  8. Write 2 devotionals [1/2–“A Proverbs A Day”] [I’ve started 2/2–“Drop It – Learning to Let Go of the Need to Control”] *I’ve started the 2nd one and the first is going to be published into a book this month!
  9. Read the entire Bible front to back *I’m almost done!
  10. Go on a date with my dad

Haute Mama:

  1. Go to one of those paint and drink places with my girls
  2. Redesign and Rebrand The H is For… [Rebranded: 12/9/16] [Redesigned: 1/16/17] *All done!
  3. Coordinate and execute 5 styled shoots [1/5–Halloween Party] [2/5–Fourth of July] [3/5–Cocktail Night]
  4. Go to 5 concerts [2/5–Coldplay, Adele] *I need to get on this one…
  5. Sing at an open mic night

Home Making:

  1. Draw plans to renovate the house
  2. Make my bed every day for a month
  3. Plant a garden *I’m going to be honest with myself here… this probably won’t happen.
  4. Have a weekend-long staycation *I’m hoping for the Four Seasons Las Colinas? Hint Hint, husband! Babymoon?
  5. Throw 5 parties at my home [1/5–NYE Party] [2/5–B’s 2nd Birthday] [3/5–Fourth of July] [4/5–Girls’ Cocktail Night] *Just need one more!!

Happy Baby:

  1. Take B on a mommy-son date 18 times [12/18!] *These have been SUCH a blessing!
  2. Give B a playroom [January 2017] *done!
  3. Move B into a big boy bed [September 2017] *done!
  4. Potty train B [Spring/Summer 2017] *done!
  5. Get B into a good preschool program [He started on 9/5/17] *aaaaannnddd done!
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