5 Soaps I Want in my Bathroom… NOW!


Good Morning!

I’m a bath kind of girl. There’s nothing I love more than a good, hot bath! I love having a clean bathroom that smells amazing and the soaps I use on myself are more than important to me! I usually opt for an all-natural soap, like Dr. Bronner’s, but when I feel like I really want to indulge a little, I use whatever soap makes me feel and smell the best.

These five soaps are so much fun! They don’t just smell amazing, they are cute! Whether giving them as hostess gifts or using them yourself, these soaps are sure to make a bathroom just THAT much better!

Five Soaps I want in my Bathroom... NOW!

Here are the details…1. Moroccan Rose Soap Petals from World Market// They smell like roses [AKA amazing!!] and they’re pretty! I love roses, so these would be the PERFECT addition to my bathroom! [$8]

2. White Pearl Soap Necklace from Soap Baubles // This is quite possibly the most amazing this ever! It’s a soap pearl necklace! How darling is this for a bathroom? It’s a little expensive, but this soap has the most wonderful, beautiful scent to it and it lasts forever. You simply hang it on your water spout and you can let the water run down it to create a bubble bath or you can rub it directly to your skin… either way, this is wonderful and amazing and I want 14 of them. [$44]

3. Trio of Macarons Soap from Melissa Benge Collection // I’ve seen these other places, but they’re a dollar cheaper at the Melissa Benge store in Dallas. They make for what may be the cutest hostess gift around! What a cute little trio of soaps! Who doesn’t love macarons?! [$14]

4. Gem Stone Soaps from Elements Beauty Shop // These are so cool and modern! I’m loving the gem stone home decor trend and these soaps would be the perfect thing to place in the bathroom of a modern or contemporary styled home! Plus, each soap-stone is BIG. It’s going to last a LONG time! [$13/each]

5. Animal Shaped Soap from Gianna Rose Atelier // What better way to pay homage to your four-legged friend than by memorializing them forever in your bathroom? This gourmet soap-maker has multiple dog breeds [yes, a pug and a dachshund are included!], this adorable cat and even has a chicken with little soap eggs! Her soaps have refreshing scents to them and are absolutely precious! [$22-$30]

Now, if you’d like to send any one of these to my house, I’d GLADLY let you!! I personally own the pearl necklace and I can say… It’s FABULOUS!

Happy bathing, darlings!


  • Aless

    Posted at 08:38h, 01 August

    The necklace soap 👌🏻