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The 2nd // Proverbs 2

One of the requirements I have every day as a teacher is to write the day’s “Objectives” on my board for the students to see. Every single day, I have to write the following:

  1. Today the students will…
  2. We will do this through…
  3. It’s important because…

I do this daily to tell my students what they will attempt to master for the day. I also tell them what we’re going to do, whether it’s an activity, a game or a test, that day to accomplish the objective. To me, though, the third point is the most important… I tell the students why it matters. I tell them how this lesson applies to their daily life.

The book of proverbs was written by a man named Solomon, the son of David. King Solomon was given a very unique opportunity when he was a young boy. God told him that he would give him the desires of his heart, so Solomon prayed for wisdom. God made good on that promise and Solomon became the wisest man in the world. He wrote three books [Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon and Proverbs] to share his God-given wisdom with the world.

Chapter two is a part of the prologue to the book of Proverbs… An introduction of sorts. Solomon started the book of Proverbs by telling us the purpose of the book, as we read yesterday in Proverbs 1. He tells that seeking after God equates with wisdom… they are the same thing… and then he warns of the consequences of choosing folly and sin over a life of seeking God’s ways. While Proverbs 2 is a part of the prologue, it’s very different than chapter 1. Solomon uses chapter 2 to tell us why it matters.

If Solomon was a teacher at the high school where I teach and today’s lesson was Proverbs, chapter two would be his objective point 3, “It’s important because…” Chapter 2, while short, shows us the moral benefits of wisdom and why it’s important to have it.

Wisdom will save you from the ways of the wicked men, from men whose words are perverse.”
–Proverbs 2:12

Solomon uses this chapter to show us how wisdom can equip us to not fall into the traps of sinful people. Wisdom can save us from the wicked man and the perverse woman who come to take us down their paths of darkness. He refers to them as people who “delight in doing wrong” [2:14] and warns of the lives they lead, specifically by talking of the paths they walk by saying they’ve “left the straight paths to walk in dark ways” [2:12] and “surely her house leads down to death and her paths to the spirits of the dead…” [2:18]

None who go to her return or attain the paths of life.” –Proverbs 2:19

Woah. Pretty intense. These scary words reiterate the warning from chapter 1, but Solomon has good news for us!

Wisdom can keep us from falling into their traps. Wisdom can arm us against their ways and save us from walking down a crooked path into the dark. Wisdom sounds like it can save us from a lot of pain, right?

What I like about Solomon is he’s a straight shooter. He doesn’t market wisdom like one of those “Watch this video to find out how to make a million dollars in investments this year” that you see online. You watch the video [it’s always about 45 minutes of reasons why you need to know this trick, but it never answers the question of HOW]. The video ends with “To learn how to make a million dollars in investments this year, order our how-to book for $79.99!” Such a waste. Solomon doesn’t do that. In fact, he STARTS this chapter with the HOW.

For the LORD gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding.”
–Proverbs 2:6

Solomon is CLEAR AS GLASS that God gives wisdom to those who seek it. He opens this chapter with 11 verses about the key to gaining wisdom–seek God first. Ask God for wisdom. Look for it like a buried treasure. He says that God will give it to you and it will protect you and guard you.

He says that wisdom is a hidden treasure. If we seek it, we will find it. Ask God for it. Wisdom is from God.

Chapter 2 Application:

Today, my prayer is that God gives me wisdom. I pray that God uses these next 29 days to equip me with the wisdom I need and the discernment necessary to live the best life possible. I need wisdom in work, in my family life, with this blog, as a parent, as a wife and as a believer. I want to gain the armor and protection I need for the next time I’m approached by the wicked man or the perverse woman.

And I’ve learned today that all I have to do is ask.

Pretty cool, God. Pretty cool.

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