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The 18th // Proverbs 18

The mouths of fools are their undoing, and their lips are a snare to their very lives.” –Proverbs 18:7

Growing up always proves interesting. There are things I tell my students that were once told to me that ring so very true, but I didn’t believe them when I was young. “What goes around comes around” is one of them. Adults always tell this to kids as a way to give them hope when someone hurts them, but it’s because it is so very true and we’ve seen it.

We’ve seen mean people get punched in the face at bar. We’ve seen the guy who thinks he’s above the law get caught and deal with the consequences. We’ve seen the prideful be humbled and the unkind be put in their place.

You reap what you sow.

God tells us, in Proverbs 18. that we must know that our words have the potential to not only cause severe harm to others [18:14], but they can unravel us completely and eventually be our demise[18:14]! Solomon tells us that our words could be deep waters in which we can drown or they can be a rushing stream from which to drink [18:4]. He also tells us that mean words filled with anger only bring strife and are an invitation for a beating [18:6]! He says that a prideful heart ALWAYS comes before a fall [18:12] and that the opposite is true, too… humility is followed by honor! He tells us that we must eat the fruits of our mouths [either good OR bad] and that our own words feed our souls like food feed our bellies [18:21]. He says that gossip is just like a choice morsel… it goes straight into the the deepest parts of our souls [18:8]… Just like the foods we eat, our words have the power to cause harm to ourselves or nourish our spirit.

He says that our words can crush spirits [18:14] and ensnare us [18:7] or even drown us [18:4], and that loneliness is sure to follow those with an angry spirit [18:24]. But there is good news, too, in Proverbs 18! Solomon tells us that God is a refuge, a source of power and security for us [18:10]. He invites those of us with broken hearts [whether cause by hurtful words from the mouths of others or from our own mouths] to run to Him! He tells us that He sticks closer than a brother [18:24]!

One who has unreliable friends comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”–Proverbs 18:24

Life Application:

Today, I pray that I remember that there are consequences to pay for my actions, especially if my actions include ugly words. I pray that I remember that I will reap what I sow and that my words have the potential to harm not only others, but myself. If I reap what I sow, I wonder what kinds of blessings I’ll find by making a conscious effort to use kid, uplifting and loving words day in and day out! LORD, please help me to speak with love today and always.

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