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The 26th // Proverbs 26

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”–Proverbs 26:4

On the Thursday at school, I found out that at the prom the weekend before, a student stole a statue from the venue. With the help from the building security cameras, some police officers and our administration, we were able to figure out that the student actually attends another high school, but he came to our prom as the guest of a young lady from our school. When we pulled the girl from class to question her, she at first tried to deny any knowledge of the incident, but later was mortified that she was a part of the situation.

No, she didn’t steal the statue, her date did. But she was just as guilty… Guilty by association.

Solomon talks about this same situation in chapter 26 of Proverbs. He acknowledges that no matter how strong your faith may be, fools always have the potential to bring you down and that it’s always better to remove yourself from their foolish ways. He tells us that fools may not be easy to spot right off the bat [26:24-26]… That they’re charming and easy to like, but that the reality is that they are like silver poured over wood [26:23]. He tells us that their ways lead to more strife, like how their gossiping lips [26:20], quarrelsome inclinations [26:21] and habits of lying [26:28] make situations worse. He warns against befriending, corresponding and hiring these types of people and says that they twist words, wound others and have intentions to bring you to their level.

Life Application:

This chapter makes me think, “Are there any relationships I have that potentially pull me farther away from God? I need to take a step back and realize that, even in my best intentions to help make someone better, they always have the potential to make me worse. Today, I pray that God helps me to identify those who seek to drive me further away from Him and pray for them wholeheartedly.


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