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The 29th // Proverbs 29

Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire.”–Proverbs 29:17

Last week, I wrote about one of my biggest takeaways from one day’s reading is that I’m not the center of the universe and that my actions [and reactions] have the potential to leave long-lasting effects on the people around me. Again, on day 29, I’m reminded of that fact, yet again. This time, though, Solomon addresses the only concrete evidence I have that I will leave a legacy… My child.

It’s no surprise that Solomon encourages parents to properly discipline their children. He tells us several times throughout his proverbs that it is through discipline that children grow to live lives that are pleasing to the LORD. He tells that reprimanding a child leads to wisdom and that those children who are never disciplined ultimately harm their parents through the ways they live their lives [29:15]! He also says that the children who have been disciplined in life bring peace with them [29:17]. How strange is it that so many people associate discipline with the opposite of peace? Solomon tells us that one accompanies the other… But how? He says that it is by justice that a king gives his country stability… Isn’t the father technically the king of his own country [his family]? When you look at it this way, it is by being strong and just that parents can create a stable environment.

There are, though, parents who discipline their children according to God’s word, yet still choose to ignore their words. Solomon has a warning for those children [this technically applies to us all in our relationships with our heavenly father]. He tells us that those who heed instruction will be blessed, but those who just brush off a reprimand will face the consequences [29:18]. He tells us that those people are “stiff-necked”to rebukes and that there is no remedy for their decisions [29:1] and he reminds us that children who love wisdom bring joy to their parents [29:3]. It’s not just our parents that rejoice when we seek what is good, Solomon reminds us that everyone rejoices when the righteous succeed [29:2].

Life Application:

So you’re telling me that it’s up to me to show my child the pathway to a life that others rejoice in or to help him walk down the path to a life filled with folly and strife? Yeah. I pick the first path. Disciplining him [the little I’ve had to start doing] is NOT easy for me. But I’ll take a few moments of my own discomfort in exchange for a life of joy for my boy. Tonight, I pray that in those moments I remember this passage and that I put HIS needs above my discomfort. I also pray that God begins to turn His heart towards wisdom so that He may know the joy that is found in living a life seeking God’s will.


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