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The 7th // Proverbs 7

A Warning Against the Adulterous Woman

Welp, when I started this challenge, I was all like “I am going to write about every single chapter in Proverbs! It’ll be AWESOME! I got to day 5 and I was like “Wait, I have to write about adultery? Ugh!”, but I did it… Then day 6, I was like, “Again, Solomon? I just wrote about adultery! Ugh!” Now, here I am on day 7 and I am writing about… you guessed it… ADULTERY! UGH!!

Solomon CLEARLY has something to prove. I’m guessing this is something that was RAMPANT in the world around him. Then I got to thinking about the world around me… It’s still rampant. There’s a TV show called ‘Mistresses’… it’s in movies, too… Beyonce just released an entire album dedicated to her husband’s infidelity… I’ve heard about it happening to friends of mine and I’ve seen it, unfortunate, in my workplace! So, yeah, obviously the temptation is there and people are falling victim to it left and right…

On Day 4 I took the concept of adultery a step farther and applied it as a symbol of our relationships, our marriages, to God. If you think of the adulterous woman as as sin and the temptation she brings pulls you apart from God… how she wants to come between you and God, then you realize that, yes, it’s everywhere. It’s more than rampant. It’s a pandemic.

With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk. All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.” –Proverbs 7:23

So Solomon is making a point. Yet another chapter dedicated to adultery. To further drive this point home, he tells a story of a young man and how he became entangled in the temptation and lies of the adulterous woman. She tells about how this young man [who he calls simple, as a way to show his lack of wisdom] is walking down the street and how a beautiful woman approaches him and seduces him into her home. He says that the young man is reeled in by her persuasive ways and falls into her trap, not knowing that he’s walking to his death.

Chapter 7 Application:

Without wisdom, I might find myself being the man in the story… It probably wont be a married woman that seduces me, but it could most definitely be the urge to gossip or tell a lie or be prideful… Today, I pray that my heart soaks up all the wisdom possible during these 30 days in Proverbs so that I can be wise and I can seek Him first and not fall into a trap where I, unknowingly, walk to my death.

  • Jenn

    Posted at 17:56h, 07 August

    Today’s made me think of the song “Slow Fade” by Casting Crowns.

    Thanks for these reflections!