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The 8th // Proverbs 8

For those who find me find life and receive favor from the LORD.” –Proverbs 8:35

Believe it or not, we are almost to the end of the prologue! [wait… what? we’re over a week into the month and we’re JUST NOW finishing the PROLOGUE?!] Yes, that is correct. Only two more chapters until will get to Solomon’s proverbs…

This chapter is an interesting take on wisdom. Once again, Solomon personifies wisdom as a woman who stands on a mountaintop and cries out a call to action. She introduces herself as God’s first creation, as something He created long before He created the world. [8:22-31] She tells us of creation and how God worked to create the seas and the sky and all that is within the world… that she was there. She says that all along, she has been right by His side, which tells us, once again, that to be wise is to be near to God.

She tells us that the truths she shares are more precious than gold, silver and rubies, and that nothing you could ever desire compares to her! [8:10-11]

She calls out to all who will listen urging them to seek wisdom and warning them against the alternative. She says that those who seek after her are blessed [8:34] and that those who fail to find her harm themselves. [8:36]

In my classroom, I often times have a hard time hearing my students. So very often the kids will be talking to each other and laughing… I usually have music playing while they work… that when a student asks me a question, I have a hard time hearing their call to me.

Sometimes I feel that way with God, too. I fill my life with noise. The nonsense of the world often becomes so loud around me that I don’t hear God calling out to me. Sometimes I need to be still and be silent and listen to what He has to say in my life. This chapter is, to me, a direct call to wisdom from the LORD. I just need to turn the volume down and listen closely…

Life Application:

Do you hear wisdom’s calling in your life, asking you to seek after God and to follow a different path than the one you are currently on? Or is the world around you so very loud that you aren’t hearing the call? Take a moment to day to be still and be silent and listen. I have a feeling that you are in this place, reading this chapter of Proverbs [or maybe just this blog post] for a purpose… Wisdom is calling out to you… will you seek after her? Because, remember, that when you do, you seek after God and that, when you do, you will be blessed.

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