April FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


It’s raining, it’s pouring… It’s April! We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but that doesn’t mean the month of April isn’t beautiful. I love the smell of rain, the green grass and the budding plants!  These fitpicks channel those colors and that’s why I love them! I personally romp around in Outdoor Voices most days… especially this green twin set number! To me, these colors are the essence of Springtime!

Seriously… I’m always #doingthings in Outdoor Voices

How was March for you? My March was pretty amazing and fast-paced! We spend a few days in Mexico with my family and it was WONDERFUL! Usually I’m ready to get home to my own bed when we’re on vacations, but this one was different… it was the first time I was genuinely SAD to leave and come home. I wish I could live in Cabo San Lucas right there on the beach… with a room service guy full available to bring me ice cream or a poolside cocktail… never having to work… A girl can dream, right?

We came home and I had event after event after event! I’ve hosted two SoulCycle classes and I have a CycleBar class this evening! Honestly, these events are the part of this blog that I love MOST! I really enjoy meeting women who value living a healthy lifestyle and growing relationships! That has been the biggest blessing this blog has brought into my life! P.S. I launched the blog two years ago on April 1st! TWO YEARS! What a fun, crazy, amazing ride it has been!

I mean, look at these groups of gorgeous gals!

Also in March, I got to be a part of the launching of a brand new dating app – Vouch! Check out my write-up about it here. We also got to be a part of the promo video… I’ll share that to the blog too!

Lastly, I launched a brand new, FREE ebook just for you! This ebook contains all my favorite recipes for spring cleaning your home, mind and body the natural way! You can download it here:

Needless to say, March was super fun and super busy! April looks like it’s going to be the same! I’m headed to Vegas [for my first time ever] for work, celebrating Easter, celebrating my sister’s engagement and more! B’s been invited to about 100 birthday parties in April, which I love, and I’ve got so many baby showers for sweet friends who are expecting! I’m also probably going to schedule a FULL DAY EVENT… Seriously! I’m thinking it’ll be a fun way to celebrate my birthday! Stay tuned for that!

How about you? How was March for you? As always, you can shop the FitPicks here:

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