August FitPicks


Today is the first of August! That means it’s time for my August FitPicks! That also means that in a few days, the Olympics will kick off with the starting ceremonies in Rio De Janeiro! I love the Olympics. I love having them on in the background, I love having people over to watch certain events [hello, women’s gymnastics girls’ night!] and I love cheering for the USA!

Sometimes, during a hard workout, I have to channel my inner badass. If the workout starts to get hard, or I start to get tired, I begin to think of myself as a Dauntless in Divergent… or Kate Beckett in Castle… or as an Olympian. In honor of my need to play imagination to get through a boxing class [by the way, I, Katniss, totally won the Hunger Games during that boxing class], I have dedicated my August FitPicks to the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro!

You bet I’ll be wearing red, white and blue during my workouts this summer! These items make me want to cheer my country on to victory and win my own gold medal in burpees! I love the shiny, blue leggings and the USA tanks. The blue sports bra has cute cutouts on the sides that will keep you nice and cool in this heat. I own the red leggings and LOVE THEM! I wore them when we went hiking in the Hollywood Hills.

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Here are the details in this cute, Americana getup:

I can’t believe it’s August. That means summer is almost over and we only have 2+ more months of this heat! Haha!

You can shop these red, white and blue August FitPicks here as well:

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