Black and White Sprints



Happy Hump-Day!

I wanted to share my new favorite, quick cardio routine and my newest ensemble from Fabletics today! Ever since I started counting my macros with Team WAG, I’ve had to incorporate more cardio into my weekly fitness regimen. They recommended one High-Intensity Interval Training every week until they upped my carbs and insisted on increasing my H-I-I-T to twice a week! I’m not a cardio gal. I have to feel like I’m not working out to continue working out, so running, biking, rowing or eliptical-ing for long periods of time was never my thang.

But this little workout makes it so much easier to get my cardio in and sweat, but allows enough recovery time in between for me to FEEL like I’m cheating. I’m actually not, though… sprints are the best way to get your heart rate up and that anaerobic workout is GREAT for you, but hard.


Here’s what I do:

5:00 // Brisk walk to warm up
10:00 // Sprint Session:
0:20 // Sprint**
0:40 // Brisk walk
*Repeat 9 more times*
5:00 // Brisk walk to cool down

**This is an ALL-OUT SPRINT. You’re going to run this as fast as you can run! I like to pretend that I’m a member of dauntless and I’m having to run or I won’t make it [Divergent] or that I’m in the Hunger Games and that I’m running from the careers [I’m Katniss, of course!] aaaaannnnnddd I’m officially a loser/nerd/totally awesome in my own head.

This workout is only 20 minutes total and you will be pooped, but not dead. I usually grab the BOB stroller and get to running with my boy around the park down the street from our house. It’s perfect because the 5 minute warm up is exactly how long it takes me to get to the park, the 10 minutes of sprinting get me around the park EXACTLY twice and then all I have is the 5 minute cool down, which is my walk back home! PERFECT!



This outfit [The Boca Chita Keys] is my new favorite! I’m really into the cropped look trend, but my post-baby belly isn’t. I love this look because the sports bra is actually a crop top and the tank is see-through, so it’s the best way a new momma can rock this look without fear! In this Texas heat, the holes in the tank make working out SO MUCH EASIER! Plus it just looks fun! I love Fabletics because their stuff is cute and made with quality materials and is AFFORDABLE! [I love lulu, but I also love to get my hair done and sometimes you just can’t have it all].

If you’ve never bought an outfit from Fabletics before, your first outfit is only $25!! That’s AN ENTIRE OUTFIT for $25! That’s right.


Hopefully you’ll enjoy this sprint session as much as I do!

  • Mai Lyn
    Posted at 16:23h, 25 June

    Love that outfit. I sometimes forget how elegant and classic black and white can be for workout clothes.

  • sdorttuiiplmnr
    Posted at 02:35h, 27 June

    Really good info can be found on weblog. “Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent.” by Epictetus.

  • Shamira West
    Posted at 09:10h, 29 June

    I absolutely LOVE Fabletics! Cute and affordable workout gear is what I live for! lol