Dallas FITWeek // Meet me at the Eyeball for a Saturday Workout


I have some awesome news for you today… Some news I’ve been VERY excited to share with you for a while now! FITWeek is coming to Dallas, y’all, and I am SO excited! Dallas FITWeek is a week of amazing fitness events that raise money for two fabulous philanthropic organizations – one national and one local!

Some other big news… I’m partnering with Dallas FITWeek and Vital Fitness Studio to bring you the biggest event of the week, a Saturday morning V3 workout in front of the iconic Eyeball art installation in the heart of Downtown Dallas! That’s right! Come workout with me and one of my favorite local gyms on Saturday, May 6th at 11:00am! There will be some awesome vendors, swag and giveaways!

get your tickets here!

Tickets are $35 and all proceeds go to She’s The First and North Texas Reading Partners.

She’s The First

She’s The First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries because their motto is that a girl with an education is unstoppable. This former teacher and girl-power junkie is so happy I could cry!

North Texas Reading Partners

Reading Partners places volunteers in low-income schools all around the DFW metroplex to help kids master basic reading skills. Their goal is to empower students through tutoring sessions with  volunteers in the community who provide individualized, personal attention to each student! Talk about a life-changing organization right here!

I’m so excited about this event and I hope you can come and sweat with me at the Eyeball with Vital Fitness! If you can’t make to my workout on Saturday, there are FITWeek events happening all week long throughout Dallas for you to choose from! Here they are:

MONDAY, MAY 1, 2017 @ 6:00PM – 6:45PM
REFINE + DEFINE (KETTLE BELL)Refine and define is a full body kettlebell workout lasting 45 minutes. There will be a combination of lifts to strategically hit each muscle group.

HOSTED BY: Karen Lao – karenlao.com

TICKETS: https://www.paradigmgyms.com/join-the-movement/

TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017 @ 4:30PM – 5:20PM

The BEYOND PHIT (Pilates Hybrid Interval Training) Method combines three disciplines to create the most efficient and balanced workout system: Pilates-inspired smart movements, cardio intervals, and strength exercises.

HOSTED BY: Paige Martindell – paigeforrest.com

TICKETS: http://thebeyondstudios.zingfit.com/reserve/

WEDNESDAY, MAY 3, 2017 @ 7:30PM – 8:30PM


Turn stress into sweat. This signature class strengthens, balances and detoxifies your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath. Set to an energizing playlist, you’ll power up your yoga practice like never before.

HOSTED BY: Neil Patel – Dallas Suburbanite + Jess Ceresino – The Sports Brat

TICKETS: https://www.corepoweryoga.com/yoga-studios/texas/dallas/mockingbird

THURSDAY, MAY 4, 2017 @ 5:45PM – 6:45PM

This high-intensity interval training workout sculpts your body and burns calories like nothing you’ve experienced before. Your trainer will lead you through explosive boxing rounds where you’ll deliver jab, cross, hook and uppercut combinations, working your entire body on our 100-pound heavy bags.

HOSTED BY: Stacy Gordon – Sweating with Stacy

TICKETS: https://titleboxingclub.com/dallas-uptown-tx/

FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017 @ 5:30PM – 6:15PM


Designed by celebrity trainer Sebastien Lagree, each session burns 500-800 calories and constantly pushes you to your limits. In addition, each exercise targets your slow twitch muscle fibers which are scientifically proven to burn the most fat. The entire workout is spring based so springs keep constant tension on slow twitch muscle fibers which boost metabolism for hours after the workout making it one of the most intense yet low impact workouts out there.

HOSTED BY: Janna Harris – Barre in your Bedroom

TICKETS: https://www.onelagree.com/sign-up/

SATURDAY, MAY 6, 2017 @ 11:00AM – 12:00PM

Our signature blend of HIIT features high-intensity intervals, strength-training circuits and vinyasa flow yoga to torch fat, build lean muscle and increase flexibility. This 55-minute killer workout is sure to boost your endurance and performance level.


TICKETS: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=134139&stype=-7&sView=day&sLoc=0&date=05/06/17

You can always find more information about my Dallas FITWeek event with Vital Fitness Studio and all the other FITWeek events, along with details about the organizations it benefits on the Empowered FITWeek website.

Are you going to Dallas FITWeek? Let me know so I can make sure to say hi!

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