December FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


I did this last month and I really enjoyed it! I loved hearing about what is going on in some of your lives! So, here we go again… before I get to my December FitPicks, I want to take a moment to catch up with you over a virtual cup of coffee!

If we were sitting down for coffee today what would you tell me? I would tell you that my 2-year-old is an escape artist and decided yesterday to begin climbing out of his crib. I would also tell you that parenthood has been more challenging over the past two months as he has transitioned into a full-blown toddler who wants to make sure his voice, opinion and independence is well known. While F and I have had to learn how to incorporate more discipline into our daily lives, we have loved this stage more than the others. B is starting to talk and loves to dance and is really taking in the Christmas season. It’s an amazing time at our home and we’re hoping to soak it all in!

What about you? What’s going on in your life right now?

Okay… now to my December FitPicks. Here we are in the last month of 2016. I have to say that December has taken me by surprise, simply because it’s been so warm. But, as I write this now, our first major cold-front is hitting Dallas. Highs this week are in the low 40’s and lows are going to hit below freezing and even into the 20’s! I’m ready. Like, I’m REALLY ready. This weather has me wanting to get ready for colder-weather workouts… the kind where you had to bundle up EXTRA because once the WOD is over and you step outside, you’re even colder than before because you’re wet with sweat… um… I mean your natural glistening post-workout glow!

This month’s FitPicks are inspired by snow and ice and they are full of fun and fashionable ways to bundle up for the weather! We’ve picked navy, white and light blues and silvers to make this month’s FitPicks reflect the snow and ice we hope to see in December! I love the puffy vests and the navy leggings with the sheer cut outs! The swell bottle is the perfect addition to the mix and, of course, I recommended the silver and white MisFit Ray to add to the look!

I’ve linked the items above and more like them here:

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