February FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


February 1st is here! That means it’s time for my February FitPicks! Will the arrival of a baby girl coming in the next few weeks and Valentine’s Day around the corner, I’m seeing pink and it’s written all over my February FitPicks! I received these pink sunglasses and this awesome water bottle for Christmas and I thought the other items would go perfectly alongside them [hint hint, dear hubby!] There’s so much love to celebrate in my life – the love I have for my husband, my son and my family, but right now, I’m focused on all of love I already have for my sweet, baby girl on the way!

I’m so happy February is here. January seemed to DRAG along. It don’t know why that is… Maybe because I’m at the tail-end of this pregnancy and, since August, I’ve told myself that once I get to February, I’ll be there – at the end. I still have about 6 weeks left, but February, for me, was a golden month to get to; one where I could safely prep for baby and focus on my family. After all, baby will be here in March! And here we are in February and I’m already pushing that date back, telling myself that I just need to get through Valentine’s Day. Then, I can rest and prep for baby and focus on family.

The thing is, I’m ready for baby. We have everything we need and I’ve ordered everything we didn’t already have. While I don’t want this to happen QUITE yet, we could have a baby tomorrow and come home to a home thats mostly ready for her arrival. Seriously… I just need to wash the carseat and install it, wash the baby swing and set it up and we’re good to go! Bottles and breast pump have been sanitized, baby clothes and blankets have been washed and B is as excited as ever for “baby seester” to arrive. I even have my hospital bag mostly packed and my postpartum recovery items ready! I’ve been nesting and organizing the house and prepping everything I can, but I’m trying not to go overboard too soon.

I think what I’m pushing back is allowing myself to get too excited and too prepared for her arrival, to keep myself from sitting around waiting and waiting for her to get here. Isn’t that weird? I don’t want any downtime to make the days go slower, so I want to slowly unravel the baby-prep process so I don’t have to wait around for her arrival! So, on February 15th, we’ll get the carseat out and the baby swing and the baby bath and then I’ll allow myself to jump head-first into baby prep!

For now, I want to cherish this time with my sweet, little big-brother-to-be! He turned 3 this past month and we threw him a super-fun Superhero Birthday Party! He’s so imaginative and wants to play PJ Masks and Paw patrol with us all the time, calling his daddy “Chase”, himself “Sky”, our nanny “Zuma” and mommy “Rubble” [by the way… Rubble is the big English Bulldog – this pregnant, grunting and snorting to breathe momma can’t help but notice the correlation!] all day long!

I’m also focusing on my girl-daddy-to-be. We got to go on a date this past weekend and we had the best time sitting outside just the two of us, talking! He’s been so busy with work lately and so have I, so now that baby is on the way and life is slowing down so that we can prep for her arrival, we have some time to invest in each other! He’s been so supportive of me, allowing me to rest and taking the lead with toddler dinners and bedtime.

And I do need rest. This pregnancy is so different than the last one. I have a feeling that baby A will be sassy. My adrenals are on overdrive – causing all sorts of crazy symptoms. The bad news is that these symptoms started around 16 weeks and we thought it was blood pressure related. The good news is that we’ve figured out the cause and I’m supplementing my adrenal glands and I’m feeling better! No working out for me anymore and I need to seriously focus on rest and preparing my body for labor and delivery – Okay. I can do that!

So, if I could recap January in a few words, they would be B’s birthday, nesting and resting. Pretty uneventful for me! I want to know what’s gong on in your world! If we were on a coffee date, what would you tell me?

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