February FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


Hey guys! My February FitPicks are in and they are all about love! Another month, another set of FitPicks and another virtual coffee date! I’m starting to really like these posts because I love getting a glimpse inside your life! The whole purpose of these month “virtual coffee dates” is to catch up on what’s going on in our busy, crazy lives! So, please keep filling me in! Comment below or send me an email! I love getting to know you better and learning how I can encourage you and pray for you!

As for me, January was a fun, wild and CRAZY month! We barely had time to recover from the holidays before I flew out to Colorado to help my little sister find a venue for her wedding in September! Then, my sweet baby boy turned two and to celebrate, we transformed our home office into a playroom and threw B a birthday party! It was exhausting and fun and emotional all at once… motherhood in a nutshell, am I right? I’ve done a pretty good job at keeping up with my New Year’s Resolutions, although I could still be better about staying off my phone so much! I haven’t missed a day of my readings [both my daily Skimm of current events, which is FABULOUS, and I am reading the Bible in a year and it’s become something I SO look forward to doing every single morning]! I’ve been back on track with eating, cut down on alcohol and I’m back in the gym and I’m feeling good… I’m just ready to start seeing results on the scale and in the mirror. This whole month was a whirlwind, just as much as the holidays were and if life keeps u at this pace, I’ll blink and my boy will be in college!

I mean, I say that, but the reality is, I’m not guaranteed another day with my loved ones and this reality has been sitting SO HEAVILY on my heart this week. Some friends of ours lost their precious baby girl this weekend and I’ve been devastated for them. It’s not how life is supposed to be. It’s horrible. It makes me want to hold my baby B close to me and I have to fight the fear of losing him, or anyone I love, really… but especially him. I can’t even imagine to gravity of that kind of loss. This time of year already makes me start to have these thoughts and feelings because my brother, who passed away as a child, would’ve celebrated a birthday on February 4th and my sweet friend’s son, who also passed away as a baby boy, would’ve celebrated a birthday on February 5th. So I hopped in my car on Thursday morning with baby B and drove down to Austin just for some mom time… No matter how old you are, sometimes you just need your momma!

So, that’s what’s going on with me and what’s on my heart right now. So much good, SO MUCH GOOD in my life and something so horribly bad in the life of a friend, it’s really got me contemplating, questioning and praying. But that’s faith, isn’t it? Knowing a truth, which includes questioning it, even in the midst of chaos. Please join me in praying for my friends and their precious family. That sweet, baby girl’s father has asked that we all honor her life by being the best parents we can be to our children. Give them that piece of candy this weekend or let them sleep with mommy and daddy tonight. And while they’re sleeping in your bed, pray with thanksgiving for the blessings around you and pray for peace that surpasses all understanding, strength and comfort for our friends.

What’s going in your life? I really want to know!

My February FitPicks are inspired by Valentine’s Day, a holiday all about love, which is a driving force in my life right now and is keeping me together. I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day and not because of my love for my husband, which is immense, but because there are so many variations of love, all worth celebrating. My love for F, my love for my family, daughterly love, sisterly love and motherly love. The love I have for my friends is worth celebrating, and, most importantly, God’s love for us all. It’s worth celebrating EVERY SINGLE DAY!

SO, to celebrate, here are my favorite fitness trends in the color blush! Don’t they make you want to get up and exercise? Take someone you love on a sweat date… do a class together, pop them in the stroller and go for a run [or a walk!] and enjoy living and moving together! [And guess what! Studies show that working out with your partner increased your… you guessed it… libido!] Yes, I went there.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

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