February FitPicks


It’s that time of the months again… time for me to pick my favorite items to sweat in! This month’s Fit Picks are inspired by… you guessed it, Valentine’s Day! And is there a better way to show yourself a little love than by taking care of your body? [Okay, yes… a massage is probably better…] Now I want a massage…

ANYWAYS! I love these blushes and roses! Plus, the fun addition of white and grey make for a fun blend of colors that will inspire you to get out there and sweat! February has been exceptionally warm for us here in Texas, but I’m sure it’s pretty dang cold anywhere else. I decided to focus on workout wear that you can flaunt while sweating INDOORS! As always, you can click on the item in the photo to shop it, or you can find the item you like here:

Raise your hand if you’re forwarding this to your Valentine for gift inspiration! [insert girls raising hand emoji HERE].

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