You’re Invited! // FREE Spin Class at Soulcycle!


THIS EVENT IS NOW SOLD OUT! Keep checking in for new events coming up!

I’m hosting a FREE Spin Class at Soulcycle and I can’t wait! Details are below, but first, here’s an embarrassing story because why not?

Spin class is my new thang, y’all. Although, my love for it has taken me completely by surprise. If you had been to my first spin class ever [throwback to Thanksgiving Day 2013] you’d be just as shocked as I am… I hated every minute of it, never felt more uncoordinated in my life, wondered why people put themselves through it and… get this… I FELL OFF THE BIKE.

All my spinnies out there are thinking “this is not possible” WELL YES IT FRIGGEN IS BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME. I fell off the bike. Yes, you are literally ATTACHED to the bike, but somehow THIS GIRL OVER HERE done got herself all kinds of twisted up on a stationary bike and she done fell off.

Don’t let that fool you… it took me years to attend another class and now [I can’t believe I’m saying this out loud for the whole world to read] it is my workout of choice. I prefer it to Crossfit, which is saying A LOT. Especially because it’s cardio. I don’t cardio. I lift things and muscle… I don’t cardio, but I love spin.

And the new Soulcycle in Dallas is a huge part of why I love spin.

Have you ever tried Soulcycle? I just tried out my first class and absolutely FELL IN LOVE. Like, head over heels… IN. LOVE. I’m absolutely obsessed, can’t get enough and I’m not ashamed to say it!

I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with all of you! So, I’ve set up a FREE spin class at Soulcycle Uptown in Dallas just for YOU! Now, if you’re nervous, don’t be. Just because I now love spin doesn’t mean I’m GOOD at it… I’m still all kinds of awkward, but I have so much fun and I’m so sweaty when I leave I feel like I can eat all the cake, which is awesome. I can’t eat all the cake, though. That would defeat the purpose. Anyways…

Here’s the scoop:

Thursday, March 16th
Soulcycle Uptown – West Village

Grab a girlfriend (or a boyfriend) or a few and book your bike… Why not? It’s a free spin class at SOULCYCLE! Take advantage of this and hop on a bike with me! These events always sell out SUPER fast, so book ASAP to guarantee your spot! We’re already almost booked up since my subscribers got first dibs to the event… they always do. See? It pays to be a subscriber, plus, I think you’re a fun friend to have! Sign up with your email and you won’t miss out on an event ever again!

You can register here:

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