From Sweating to Sidewalk // Holy T-Shirt!



Good Morning!!

As you all know, I’m passionate about gym clothes. I love wearing them to the gym. I also love wearing them around town. I especially love wearing them on the days I don’t work out… just being in them makes me feel like I did and on some days, that’s  good enough! As a teacher, summer break means living in lulu and I’m SO okay with that! Because HOLY CRAP IT’S HOT. Like, sleep on TOP of your bedding with ice packs hot [yes I did that last summer when I was pregnant]. In fact, let’s all take a moment of silence for our pregnant comrades out there in the heat now….

Fabulous. So… today I’m posting this lululemon top that I love to work out in. It’s a boxy t-shirt with perforated holes on the front up top and in the back on the bottom. It’s super edgy and nice and cool when you’re working out in the hot hot gym.

IMG_1527 IMG_1533

I also love this top outside of the gym! On this day, I paired it with some faux leather shorts [that also have perforation, which I’m currently all about] and some slip-on sneakers [both are from Banana Republic]. **The shorts are sold out, but there are 8 pairs for sale on eBay and they are only $22, so if you but them, please let me know so I can slightly hate you because I paid WAY more than that.

IMG_1531 IMG_1522

Top it all off with the amazing jewels I received this month from Rocksbox! [The earrings are Kendra Scott and I want to keep them!] I love this company! They send you 3 designer jewelry pieces every month for virtually nothing! Get your first Rocksbox FREE when you use this special code thehisforxoxo! YAY!!

I was out and about in Dallas with my fabulous little sister… she snapped the photos, but it should’ve been the other way around… isn’t she DARLING?!


That’s all for today! I hope you all are staying somewhat cool in this ungodly heat!! You can shop today’s outfit below, which doesn’t require you to go outside, so that’s a plus!

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