Join Me in my Next Challenge // A Proverbs A Day in May


When I was a little girl, I remember hearing the story of Solomon and how he could pray to God for anything in the world, knowing that God would give it to him. I remember thinking how cool that was and I went through the list of things I’d pray for if I knew that God would for sure give me exactly what I asked for.

I remember being a little weirded out that Solomon, with all that he could’ve asked for, asked for wisdom. WISDOM. Seriously, Solomon? I can do MUCH more with a million dollars than wisdom!!

I remember my teacher stopping for a moment [Hey Ms. Kelly!!] and taking a moment to talk with us about why wisdom was such an incredible thing to ask for and how amazing it was that Solomon was of such moral character to ask the LORD for it. There are moments in your life that you look back on and the words are so poignant and clear that you remember the moment your life changed… this is one of mine.

Wisdom is something that, as an adult, I make a point to ask God for. I make a point to pray for wisdom for my husband as well. To me, it’s the greatest tool that God can equip us with; the ability to make wise decisions… to have discernment… to encourage others with the right, Godly words.

Fast forward a few years to summer camp at Kanakuk Kamps. I was probably 15 we had just finished a sermon about the importance of spending daily time in the word and seeking God’s love and advice through the Bible. I remember thinking “So… I just open the Bible and start reading every day?” and I asked a counselor “Where do I even begin? How do I start?” His words provided me with another one of those moments of conviction that I mentioned earlier. He said, “How many days are there in most months?” I replied with “30 or 31.” He said, “Yeah… the book of proverbs is where you should begin. Its a book of advice from God about how to live life as a Christian. There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs–one for each day of the month. Read a chapter a day and pray that God will help you apply that day’s advice into your life.”

I’ll be honest with you all… I haven’t been very good at getting into the word daily. This is a part of my faith I desperately need to grow in.

I like to do challenges. 30 Day Challenges… 90 Day Challenges… I did the Whole Life Challenge in the Fall… I did an 8 Week Macro Counting Challenge last Spring… I like them. I have been trying to think of the next challenge I’ll be doing on the blog, like drinking a certain amount of water every day for 30 days, or even making my bed every day for 30 days… There are areas that I can most definitely grow in and, to me that’s what challenges are for. At Sunday School a few weeks ago, we studied a couple of verses in proverbs. Those verses were so profound for me that I decided to do a challenge that required me to get into the word daily. I’d love for you to join me in my next challenge series,

A Proverbs a Day in May //

I’d love for you to follow along and join me in this challenge. Each day I will post the key points of each chapter and how it applies to my life. Join me in this challenge! I’d love to see how God changes BOTH of our lives as we embark on this journey!

The concept is simple. Grab your Bible and open it up to Proverbs. One the 1st, read chapter 1…. on the 18th, we’ll be reading chapter 18… and on the 31st, we’ll be reading chapter 31! After you’d read your chapter, you can check in here to see how it is applying to my life and I’d love for you to tell me how it applies to yours! We will make it through the whole book in the month of May! Let’s do it!

If you’d like to join me in this, email me at I’d love to know if you’re on board!


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