March FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


March is here and it’s official! I’m SO ready for Springtime! Here in Texas, we’ve had some beautiful, Spring weather over the past few weeks and I’m ready to turn my closet into bright shades, white pants and Spring shoes… I’m also ready for warmer temps to enjoy working out in. My March FitPicks are all white with a touch of blue for those Springtime skies! Plus, they allow for some breathing room for warmer workouts, which are much needed! I want to wear each and every one of these [I have the blue on blue outfit from Outdoor Voices pictured above] to spin class. I’ve been spinning my time away and it’s paying off! I’m feeling much more confident on the bike and my endurance has increased significantly! Looks like I deserve a few more of my March FitPicks!

If we were on a coffee date today, what would you tell me? Would you catch me up on February? Would you tell me about some fun things you have coming up in March? Here’s what I’d tell you…

We are about to head on our annual family trip to Cabo San Lucas, where my whole family spends our Spring Break! Now that I’m no longer a teacher, I can’t just go for a whole week, but working from home has its perks, so I can work poolside for a day and then take a couple more off and spend a long weekend with my family in paradise! We stay at The Resort at Pedregal every year and have become very close with many of the people who live and work there, so it feels like a reunion each time we go. I’m so excited and so ready for some time in the sun with my boys, my siblings and my parents!

March is crazy fun for us! Before we head to Mexico, we’re driving down to Austin for two awesome events this weekend! My best friend from BIRTH is engaged to the most wonderful girl and I could not be more happy for them! This weekend, we get to celebrate them at an engagement party! Then, we’ll be dancing as a family and flying kites at the ABC Kite Festival at Zilker Park and MossFest [a family-friendly music festival that raises money for research and awareness for SUDC] in honor of our friends’ son Moss. You can read more about his life and his amazing parents here.

When we get back from Cabo, we’ll be celebrating F’s birthday, I’m hosting a free ride at Soulcycle and then we’ll be celebrating the launch of an AWESOME new dating app that I’m so excited to tell you about – Vouch.

If you’re in Dallas, please join us at the Vouch Launch Party on March 16th at The Rustic!

What’s going on in your world? Fill me in! Oh, and back to those March FitPicks…I’m going to need them all and I’m going to need to get to sweating before I head to Mexico! Like my March FitPicks, too? You can find them here:

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