My New Year’s Resolution // Clean It Up!


I resolve to remove toxins from my home! //


Is anyone else like me? I woke up this morning and realized that it’s not just #throwbackthursday… it’s THE LAST EFFING DAY OF THE YEAR?! What tha?!?! How did I get here? Why did it go by so fast? I’m literally at a loss for words…

The good news is this: I actually love New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, so I don’t mind so much… Now, I’m not one for partying on NYE… It’s just not my thang. You get all dressed up, usually in something sparkly [which, has anyone EVER noticed that sequins don’t give you ANY room to move in?] and then, here’s the kicker… you go OUTSIDE IN THE COLD. Then, you HAVE to stay up past 9:00pm, which, for me, is kind of the worst thing ever, just to count down from 10, drink a glass of champagne and kiss someone. Then, there you are… a little drunk, exhausted, cold and in a dress you can’t move in… HAPPY NEW YEAR! No way.

This year, I’ll be flying in an airplane with 84 of my closest friends and my almost-one-year-old on NYE and I’ll be hanging out with them at baggage claim when the clock strikes 12! AAAANNNDDDD… It looks like we’re delayed again… sounds awesome. I’d much rather be in bed asleep…

BUT, I do love NYE and NYD! I love reflecting on the past year [and, boy, was 2015 AMAZING for me] and looking toward a new goal for the next year! I love picking a new, attainable, goal for me to stick to throughout the year and I’m so excited for the one I’ve chosen for 2016! These are the resolutions I made for myself over the past few years:

2014 // Less is More—I wanted to downsize, minimize and get rid of all the extra “stuff” in my life, both physical and mental. I wanted to supplement what I tossed out with good. It was the perfect resolution to stick to that year, because that was when I found out I was expecting. Between making room for the baby and nesting, I truly lived out this resolution! It was a wonderful one.

2015 // Goodbye, Perfectionist—This one was a LITTLE bit harder to stick to. I initally decided on this resolution considering that in January I would become a mother and I wanted to breathe and rely on God as I navigated that journey for the first time. I have to say, I have learned a lot in just giving it to Him! However, I started the blog in April and juggling that, the increased demands that were put on educators this year and my job as a wife and mother, the internal pressure I’ve placed on myself has skyrocketed… I’m reaping what I’ve sown and I’ve found that I’m facing the consequences of it… my heart has been doing strange things. It looks like this will be something I’ll continue working on into 2016!

Here’s my resolution for this year:
2016 // Clean It Up—I have already taken the steps toward living an all-natural lifestyle through the things I ingest. Cutting out gluten, dairy and sugar was hard, but now has become second-nature to me. I’m used to purchasing and consuming organic foods and I purposefully stayaway from processed foods. This has taken years, but I can finally say that this lifestyle is fairly easy for me to live.

BUT… does it matter that I eat clean when the things I put ON my body and in my home are full of toxins and carcinogens? This is a question that I began to ask myself when I started using Beautycounter, my favorite, all-natural cosmetics and skin-care. I’ve made it my goal to try to eliminate all toxins from my home and use all-natural methods for cleaning, eating and living. I want to truly live out my mantra “Living well in ALL aspects of life.”

I resolve to research my options.
I resolve to consider my created environment.
I resolve to take this seriously.
I resolve to try new things.
I resolve to not be afraid of becoming a weirdo granola mom.
I resolve to have grace with myself if I mess up.
I resolve to take baby steps.
I resolve to change my life.
I resolve to Clean it Up from the outside in.

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Happy New Year!!

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