November FitPicks // Virtual Coffee Date


Well… November is ending this week, but I couldn’t skip out on posting a life update along with my November FitPicks for you, so here it is… my VERY late November FitPicks, featuring colors that remind me of Thanksgiving, namely sage!

I picked these out at the beginning of November as I always do at the beginning of each month, but this month has beeline of the most full and trying months of 2018 so far.

The first week of November was filled with some of the most intense emotions and situations I have faced. In that week alone, both B and I caught the stomach flu, Halloween happened, our nanny quit, I lost my purse, we experienced a family health emergency AND I chaired the 2018 Rhapsody in Red Charity Gala. The following week was no easier, as my husband was out for work with a team from out of the country all-day-every-day Sunday through Sunday – the first week of me being a work-at-home mom without help.

In the meantime, I decided to publish my new book, A Proverb A Day in November, so that happened. AND I started a fun new thing I’m doing on Wednesday nights called “Bedtime Babble” on Facebook and Instagram Live! Check out the episodes on The H is For..’s Facebook page!

Then Thanksgiving week arrived and… baby boy came down with a respiratory virus. Kid had a fever for FIVE DAYS. It was pitiful. Terrible, actually. It made me so sad to see him that way… it’s also made me sick… yep! You guessed it… I caught the virus. So did F. So did interim nanny. Happy Thanksgiving.

Then came the regression… We still can’t figure out why, but baby boy has kind of… well, lost it. Maybe it’s that he’s turning 3 and wants to test the boundaries and assert control… maybe he’s dealing with the new nanny transition… maybe he’s dealing with the new sibling transition… maybe it’s because he’s been sick… maybe it’s because he’s started preschool and moved into a big boy bed… whatever it is, it’s real and it ain’t easy.

Let me pause right there, because now that I’ve shown you the stresses we faced, let me show you the blessings that came out of it.

In two weeks alone, I learned that I am immensely more flexible than I give myself credit for. I lined up temporary help with B, led a Gala Committee meeting via FaceTime while sitting on the floor of my bathroom sick and was able to navigate my duties as a mom and my duties at work while helping my family during a scary time. The gala was a HUGE success, raising over $45,000.00 for Cherish Uganda. It went off without a hitch, thanks to the incredible committee we had working towards the greater goal! We’v e interviewed and hired a new nanny for our family and, while we ADORED our other nanny, some things happen for a reason and we’re thrilled with the new addition to our family! The health scare ended up being a wonderful wakeup call for all of us that each day is not guaranteed and the scare led to many more tests that ultimately led to us learning that the family member is healthy as a horse and is going to be just fine! Praise the LORD!

This month without childcare has provided me with the most amazing time alone with my baby boy! I cannot tell you what that has meant to me, to be able to be with him and just be mommy – no one else around. We’ve baked and shopped and organized and played and sang and danced and played some more! Plenty of my duties have fallen to the wayside [or I’ve had to tackle them at midnight or 5:00am], but I’ve gotten some amazing one-on-one time with my son and I could not cherish that more!

I’ve learned so much in parenting this month; what I’m capable to accomplishing, how much my son really needs me, how exhausting it is to be a consistent parent, discipline-wise during a toddler phase from hades, and that I can always do it better, but I’m not a total screw-up when it comes to being a momma. I haven’t even had a spare moment to really stop and think that in just a few months, a baby girl will be with us. Oh yeah… pregnancy update… I’m 24 weeks… Her nursery is almost complete and she’s doing great! My belly size is measuring 3 weeks ahead, but I’m a bit behind in weight gain so I get to indulge a bit more to catch up. NICE!

Needless to say, it’s been a whirlwind of a month. I can still barely put one foot in front of the other, but I’m so happy to be living this life I’ve been given and loving this family God’s bestowed me with. How’s your November been?

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