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Here are my October FitPicks for 2017. I am hoping for storms to bring some cold fronts to Texas, so I chose the burgundy lightening set from Bandier and paired it with fun beiges and browns. So fall, right? Almost makes me want a Pumpkin Spice Latte! Is it Thanksgiving yet? Only 20 days left until my November FitPicks! Crazy!

We are a full 10 days into the month of October. My house is decorated for Halloween and my little B is asking for candy and talking about how he’ll be SOUP-man [Superman] all day long. It hasn’t felt much like fall here in Texas, but this morning we woke up to 50 degrees and I turned the heater onto 65! It’s a start, right?

I can’t really complain about the fall season temps here because I’ve gotten my fair share of beautiful, fall weather. 11 days ago, my precious sister, Carly, got married in Beaver Creek, Colorado, so I spent a week up in the mountains where I got to enjoy the red, orange and yellow leaves and cool, crisp air! In fact, a snow storm blew in, cancelling our flight home. So we ended up having to stay an extra day… OH DARN!

The wedding was a DREAM. A DREAM, Y’ALL. My sister was beautiful and B was the most precious ring bearer. He made it down the aisle like a pro and then decided it was time to party. He spent the rest of the ceremony in the church’s cry room watching Barney. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? It was so wonderful to celebrate my sister with all of our friends and family in a place we love so much! I can honestly say that I wasn’t ready for the experience to end and to come back home to reality. Once I was home, though, I hit a wall. I forget that pregnancy makes recovering from a crazy weekend like that – in high altitudes, nonetheless – so much harder to do. I’ve had to do A LOT of sitting and sleeping just to feel like I’m human again. A trip to my prenatal chiropractor was the icing on top. I’m back to normal – mostly.

This pregnancy has been a lot different than the last. I’ve felt really faint over the past few weeks and i’ve actually had a few spells where I’ve had to lie down on the ground just to get my bearings back. It’s not fun, but apparently it’s normal? I have low blood pressure already, so the dip in blood pressure is not making things super easy for me. I’ve just got to give myself some grace [how often do you hear me say that?] and allow myself to rest. I’m not super good at that.

But the babies are worth it, right? Speaking of, I am SO STINKING’ proud of my little boy, y’all. Two is not easy and he’s definitely turned a corner and really amped up the tantrums and the yelling of the word “NO!”, but I can’t tell you how impressed I’ve been with this little boy. After two mornings of uncertainty and crying when dropping off at preschool, my boy now proudly walks in with confidence, greets his teacher and gets to work playing with his friends. He LOVES school and talks about it all the time. Within 2 weeks, his social skills have increased and he’s made strides in so many ways!

What I’m most proud of, though, is that he’s so excited to be a big brother to a baby sister. We’ve officially turned the playroom [which JUST became a playroom in January] into his new, big boy room, and last night he slept all night in his big boy bed without getting up! He told me that he is excited to give his crib and old room to “Baby Seester” and he suggested that her room be “pink and blue”… luckily for him, those are the colors that we’ve already chosen [with grey, too]!

Now that the wedding is over, it’s like I am all the sudden coming to terms with the fact that a baby is going to be here in just 5 short months. I am starting to get SO excited and we’ve already started putting things in her nursery! [I’m also starting to research double strollers and other things, too. I’m mostly excited because I ordered a pink Solly Baby Wrap! Yay!]

If we were on a virtual coffee date, those are the things I would tell you! This fall has been a wonderful time for family. How about you? How has your fall been so far? What have you been up to?

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