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Our Day at the Fair // What We Wore to The State Fair of Texas // visiting the fair with a toddler // www.thehisfor.com

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Here in Dallas, there’s nothing quite like The State Fair of Texas! It’s a huge celebration of everything fun and Texas and is chalk-full of memories to be made, experiences to be had and all the fried foods to be eaten [unless you’re all gluten free and stuff like yours truly]! This year, we decided to take a few hours out of our workday on a Tuesday to load up the car and head on over to Fair Park with little B-Man. Now that he’s almost 2, he’s big enough to start to enjoy all the things the State Fair of Texas has to offer!

Our Day at the Fair // What We Wore to The State Fair of Texas // visiting the fair with a toddler // www.thehisfor.com

Our day at the fair was nothing short of amazing! From the petting zoo to the rides to the carnival games, B got to explore and enjoy so many fun and different things! Everywhere we went he pointed out the “carsh” [cars] and the “dugs” [ducks] and he said his typical “wowWOW!” when he saw anything cool [like the dancing cowboy marionette]! He tried cotton candy for the first time and when we stopped by the face painting station, he asked for a “putball” [football] on his cheek!

He discovered all there was to see in the butterfly pavilion and loved seeing the finished product of the spin-painting he made! He rode a couple of rides… wasn’t afraid one bit of either of them… and he and daddy beat mommy in a carnival game [and then chose the tie-dyed shark, of course]! While he wasn’t scared to be on the rides, he did get a little freaked out by the gigantic cowboy as we approached the famous Big Tex, but as long as mommy was holding him, he was fine! We sang songs, watched the big kids go on the scary rides, laughed together and made memories I’ll never forget!

Here are my tips for going to the State Fair of Texas with a toddler:

  1. Bring the stroller. You’ll be glad to have a place to put all your stuff even if your little one isn’t in it!
  2. Buy your tickets online. They’re cheaper that way and save you the hassle of buying them at the door! Be prepared to purchase coupons to play the games/ride the rides! You’ll definitely want to participate in that!
  3. Go down the children’s midway! That’s where B really got to shine! They had the most darling [and free] activities for the kids there! It’s way less crowded, too!
  4. Check out the Butterfly Pavilion. OMG IT’S AMAZING! B loved it and so did we! Talk about something you don’t get to see every day!
  5. Wear layers [it’s still hot out in Texas even at the end of October] and sunscreen! Make sure you have water or juice ready for your little one… it can get really hot! Here’s what we wore:

We just had the BEST TIME as a family and I seriously CANNOT WAIT until next year!

Here’s a recap of our day at the fair:

What are your tips for going to the fair? I’m for sure going to need all the tips for heading there with an almost-three-year-old next year!

A HUGE THANKS to Dani Kubitz for this video! Isn’t she amazing?!

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