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The 28th // Proverbs 28

Like a roaring lion or a charging bear is a wicked ruler over a helpless people.”
–Proverbs 28:15

Well, we are almost to the end of the 31 day challenge through Proverbs. I can’t believe we’re here on day 28. You’d think that by now, Solomon has touched on every type of person and addressed how wisdom plays a roll in their lives, but then you get to chapter 28 and think… this chapter is for one type of person he hasn’t yet spoken to…

… the leader.

The leader. The one who runs a country, a state, a company, a program, a classroom, a committee, a project at work, a home, an afternoon of errand running, the dinner-making process… the decision maker, the one in charge, the one running the meetings… the leader.

When you think about it, you’re a leader in some aspect of your life. We all are. So when Solomon talks about rulers of nations, don’t tune him out. Proverbs 28 one chapter that we can all agree touches on some aspect our our leadership roles, and it’s evident that Solomon believes that there’s only one way to be an affective leader…

… by serving, loving, considering others before yourself. Servant leadership.

What makes a good leader? According to Proverbs 28, a good leader is someone who trembles before God [28:14] and not someone who thinks they know it all [28:11]. Someone who is not eager to get rich [28:20 & 22], especially by making money off the poor and needy [28:3 & 8]. Someone who, instead, gives of their time, money and resources to those in need [28:27]. Someone who trusts in the LORD and doesn’t thrive on drama [28:25]. Someone who speaks kindly of others [28:23] and who is willing to work the hardest of all. Someone who is humble and admits their mistakes [28:13] and is willing to listen to and heed constructive criticism [28:9]. Someone who is wise and discerning and considers others in their decisions [28:2].

Solomon touches on the people’s response to a great leader. He says a bad leader can be just as dangerous to people as an angry, hungry animal [28:15]! He says that when a wicked person becomes the leader, people run the other way, but when a good person become a leader, people cheer and celebrate [28:28].

Life Application:

LORD, today I pray that, in all aspects of life, I remember that I am a leader of some sort. May I put into practice the gapped qualities you like to see in a leader and may I seek forgiveness for the times I haven’t led [my family, my friends, my students, my colleagues] well. LORD, help me to consider YOU first, others second and myself third as I live this life.

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