Push-Up’s in Pebbles // Beauty & Fitness Event at Bandier in Highland Park Village


Bandier Fitness // www.thehisfor.com

Good Morning!

So it’s no secret that I started this blog for a little bit of accountability in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. While it may seem that I love to workout, the truth is I don’t. I actually argue with myself about not having to go to the gym every single day and, lately, with everything going on this Spring, my couch-potato self has won more than I’d like to admit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love to FINISH a workout. I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something and taken a moment out for me and my health. I actually enjoy the time I have DURING the workout. I’m always glad that I decided to move, but it’s the getting there that’s always a battle for me…


One of the way I combat that is through workout clothes. I love LOVE a new workout outfit. Active-wear is my jam, y’all. I am FAR MORE inclined to make it into the gym if I feel like I look darn good walking in. This outfit is no exception to the rule. I love the way I feel in it. Strong. Fashion-forward. Badass. The pebble design is perfect. It’s not too flashy, but it still makes a statement.


This pebbled duo from Prism Sports is just awesome. I love the design and I’m all about the twin set! The material breathes so well and is super comfortable! The whole outfit feels great on. My only complaint is that during certain movements, the pants slide and, well, that could cause a very embarrassing moment.


I picked this outfit up at Bandier in Highland Park Village where the girls who work there were more than helpful. The store is awesome and is full of workout attire that just inspires you to kick booty in your workout, whether it’s crossfit, yoga, running or barre. Bandier Dallas and Highland Park Village are hosting their first-ever Beauty & Fitness Event this weekend [April 29th – May 1st], complete with complimentary fitness classes, healthy treats, shopping, discounts, freebies and more! [15% off at Bandier!]

If you purchase $150+ from any of the 15 stores during the event, you get a makeup swag bag full of complimentary beauty products! I’m planning on going to the event Saturday morning. I really want to go to the CitySurf class on Saturday, but we have a first birthday party for B’s friend! Be sure to RSVP for the class you want to take…space is limited!  Click here to register and to see the list of classes.

Bandier Fitness // www.thehisfor.com

I went ahead and linked up some of my favorites from Bandier. These are the items I want to check out this weekend at the event… That 15% off discount is calling my name… Also, my birthday is coming up, so…

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