Reflecting on 2015 // What a Year!


2015 in Review // www, Every season on Dancing With the Stars, they have the stars pick the most influencial year in their lives and do a dance dedicated to that year. Let’s just say that if I was a star [yes, this is me wishing so badly that I was so I could dance on the show], I’d pick 2015 as my year. This year was one of the most life-changing, fulfilling, challenging, amazing, learning years of my life. I’m not quite sure if I’m ready for it to be over with! Here’s a recap of the year:

The Day we Brought you home #thehisforblogJanuary // Started off SUPER pregnant… like miserable, wanted-so-badly-to-just-have-the-dad-gum-baby-already-pregnant. B was born [after 2 weeks of prodromal labor] on MLK Day! The rest of the month consisted of some of the sweetest moments of my life. HOW has it been a year?! February // 2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comFebruary // 2 weeks after our B was born, F’s grandfather passed away. I spent Valentine’s Day at my sister’s initiation to Kappa Kappa Gamma at Baylor. It snowed a couple times in Dallas and more moments of sweetness, lot’s of hormones… I got to work out again! March // 2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comMarch // I went back to work. I left B and F for a few days and went to Mexico with my mom and sisters, which was FABULOUS. I worked and worked to get the blog ready to launch and figured out how to juggle being a working mom. F had a birthday and B grew before our eyes!! April // 2015 in Review // www, April // I launched the blog!! YAY!! We celebrated B’s first Easter in Austin with my family and we watched Jordan Spieth win the Masters! B started rolling over and every single day, my heart grew a little more. May //2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comMay // The first week in May was… interesting. We joined the church we’d been looking for for years, hallelujah!! A terrorist act happened next door to the school I work at, then 2 days later, the scariest fire drill I’ve ever been a part of, STAAR testing, teacher appreciation week and Cinco De Mayo… Exhausted, I celebrated my 27th birthday and my 1st Mother’s Day as a momma on the same weekend. There was a torrential downpour and B looked perfect in his raincoat. It started to get summertime warm out and I went to Napa Valley with my mom and sister, Carly, to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Carly graduated from Baylor, too, which was so fun to watch! June // 2015 in Review // www.thehisfor.comJune // Horrible flooding over Memorial Day Weekend reminded me how precious life is. We attended a wedding in Austin, where B went swimming for the first time. My students graduated and summer began! B started sitting up and we moved my sister into her new apartment in Dallas! My family spent a week in Bald Head Island, North Carolina. B saw the ocean for the first time and played in the sand. While we were there, we celebrated F’s first Father’s Day and B got his first tooth and I’ve never been so tired in my life! July // 2015 in Review // www.thehisfor.comJuly // B and I spent most of this month traveling. We spent the 4th of July in Beaver Creek, Colorado then we flew to Nantucket for a few days in the sand! We then went to a beautiful wedding in Baltimore! B was a trooper and is a jet-setting baby! I started teaching Sunday School to the middle school girls at our church! B’s first of many friends born this summer arrived at the end of the month! August // 2015 in Review // www.thehisfor.comAugust // I partnered with Tootsie’s and Hip Hip Hooray to do an awesome “Best of Fall” photoshoot! I went back to school and B attended his first football game [Baylor vs. SMU]! He came up to help me get my classroom ready and we had the best time snuggling and taking advantage of our last few days together before the first day of school! B started crawling and clapping his hands! He also gained two more teeth! September // 2015 in Review // www.thehisfor.comSeptember // F took B to Florida with his family and I got a weekend all to myself!! I helped my seniors make the most of their last homecoming of high school and B went to his first Baylor game at home in Waco. Unfortunately, he also experienced his first fever… He was SICK and I was devastated! I began the Whole Life Challenge, which was fun! I also began training for a half marathon! This was huge for me because I have never been a runner… I learned a lot about myself! October // 2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comOctober // The pressures of the school year began to take a toll on me… Teaching has been one of the hardest parts of my year… Leaving my baby played a roll in that, but so did many other things. The blog really began to take off this month and the needs of that took of too… I began experiencing heart palpitations and had to wear a heart monitor most of the month… My training was going great and so was The Whole Life Challenge. We went to a wedding in San Antonio and I came home with a terrible stomach bug that made its way through the family… B was still my sunshine in a harder month… His joy made me not realize how hard it was until I looked back on it from the future. He was the cutest little skunk you ever did see for Halloween! November // 2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comNovember // The cardiologist encouraged me to stop training for the half marathon and gave me a directive to take a break from all strenuous activity for a few months and see if the palpitations stopped. Good news, though… My heart is healthy! Praise God!! I had a renewed spirit and a positive focus. B took his first steps and my heart melted! We lovingly dedicated him to the LORD with friends and family! We hosted Thanksgiving at our home and I partnered up with some amazing vendors who are now my friends to put on the most beautiful Friendsgiving! December // 2015 in Review // www,thehisfor.comDecember // B met Santa and it was a success! I hosted a family-friendly holiday party at our home… It was also a success. The end of the semester was a whirlwind and the holidays were too. The boys played a round of golf with Jordan Spieth! Then we drove to Austin so Santa could pay us a visit! Christmas is so much more magical with my baby boy here with me! We flew up to Colorado, where we spent Christmas with my family! Tornados wreaked havoc on the community where I teach and I was, once again, reminded of how precious life is. We said goodbye to 2015 with a few close friends at home and then went the HECK to sleep!

2015 was an incredible year and certainly one that I will never forget! Thank you for being a part of it all! I am excited to see what the LORD provides for us in 2016! What a great adventure this life is; A beautiful, crazy, amazing adventure!

Several of the photos above are by Megan Weaver Photography

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