Reflecting on 2017 // A Very Full Year


Happy New Year! Today is the last day of 2018 and I’m honestly a bit in shock that the year is over! While this year flew by, it was chalk-full of moments, memories, emotions and celebrations. If I could summarize the year in one word, it would be family because every single thing we did, we did together. God used this year to teach me several lessons and to instill in me a calling that I was finally ready to step into this year. I learned A LOT about friendships, both the type of friendship I need to pursue and the type of friend I need to be and I learned even more about control and how I need to just drop it sometimes because my need to control can cause issues and conflict, not just for me, but for others as well. I also learned that rest is imperative and I found a new workout regimen that I absolutely adore!

The greatest blessing this year, however, was the blessing of my precious, growing family with the addition of another brother-in-law and the news that we are adding a baby girl to it in March. 2018 is sure to be another year full of blessings and excitement with her arrival!

January // We started the year in a whirlwind, waking up on New Year’s Day to our very messy home after throwing a surprise engagement party for my sister and her new fiancé. A wedding planning trip to Colorado and some dress searching appointments took up most of the month, but the big work went into turning our home office into a playroom! We finished January strong with a rodeo-themed 2nd birthday party at home for little B! January was for celebrating all the good in our lives.

February // February was full of ups and downs for me. I discovered SoulCycle and began my journey with them. Tragedy struck the homes of multiple friends of mine and I had to learn how to love someone without feeling the need to bear their weight for them [big lesson in the need to control]. We celebrated Valentines Day just the 3 of us and I spent a weekend at home with my mom just because I needed to. February was full of some fun, parental milestones too. F and I spent the night outside of a local church to get our boy into a preschool program we knew he’d love – and he got in! B came home from the park one day and asked to use the big boy potty and started doing just that, but we weren’t quite ready to potty train yet, so we just made it something fun to do at home. February was for growing physically, spiritually and emotionally.

March // We spent a week in March in Cabo San Lucas with my family and it was incredible. I came back from that trip refocused and recharged. I hosted workout events across the city and traveled home to be with a friend who was in town for a golf tournament. She and I talked about our big dreams and goals for the future, some of which have already been realized by both of us! We celebrated F’s birthday and some awesome milestones in his career! I found myself reaping the benefits of sticking to an autoimmune-focused lifestyle for 6 months! March was for recharging, redesigning dreams and goals and refocusing on them.

April // April was when the busy hit big time. We started spending almost every weekend out of town either at events or family gatherings. In April, we celebrated Easter and attended a gorgeous engagement party for my sister and her fiancé. We attended F’s uncle’s wedding in East Texas and I said goodbye to a colleague of mine who passed away. My grandmother prepared for a knee replacement surgery and I headed back to Austin to attend Camp Well. I began training at Vive Fitness and had no idea how it would positively change so much for me. April was for being there, even when it was exhausting.

May // Camp Well lit a fire in my heart and I began to shift gears when it came to how I saw myself and the purpose for this blog. I hosted more events than ever and began to really focus on organizing a template that I had written into a book ready for publishing. We celebrated my birthday and Mother’s Day in one weekend and also attended a fun shower for the big, upcoming wedding! Then, F and I sent B to my parents for a fun-filled week while we took a trip just the two of us to Oklahoma for a weekend! It was so much fun and we loved every single minute of it. This month brought sadness with the fizzling of a friendship, but God opened so many doors in the relationship department and I ended May feeling confident, loved and fulfilled in so many ways. We officially began potty training and B blew me away with his ability to take it in stride! May was for changes that needed to happen and celebrations through it all.

June // June was a whirlwind of travel and fun. Another fun wedding shower in Austin, then a 2 week family vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. B spent a lot of time in an airplane and we survived our first long flight with a toddler! The vacation was a dream that I never wanted to end. We celebrated Father’s Day in paradise and spent hours by the pool and in the same as a family! We also watched Moana about 500 times a day. Between SoulCycle and my training at Vive, I had never been so excited about how I looked and felt. June was for exploring and relaxing with family.

July // We started the month by arriving home for Hawaii and turning around to fly right back out to Vermont for my brother’s golf tournament. B was a trooper through it all and is the best traveler. After 4 days in Vermont, we flew home to find out that I was pregnant! This great news came a few months before our plans (we wanted to begin trying after my sister’s wedding), but it came with so much excitement I could hardly contain myself. The rest of the month was spent happily feeling sick – and pretending I wasn’t pregnant as I hosted my sister and her bridesmaids in Napa Valley for her bachelorette party! July was for incredible surprises and blessings abound.

August // August was hot hot hot! I took a break from blogging just to slow down and focus on family . Another wedding shower in Austin and a trip up to Kentucky for a close friend’s wedding had this mom-to-be pretty exhausted but so happy. We began transitioning the playroom into a big boy room for B and prepared him to start preschool in the fall. We saw and heard a beautiful baby heartbeat on an ultrasound and praised God for His unspeakable gifts. I spent August in a magical place in awe and excitement for the gift of a new baby! A terrible hurricane hit our state and we watched, helpless, as our neighbors lost so much. We then rallied together to best serve them through volunteering and donations. August was for gratitude for our blessings and preparation for big changes ahead.

September // We announced that we were expecting a baby and were blown away by the shared excitement from our friends and family! We hosted a small gender reveal for our families and celebrated together in the great news that we are expecting a sweet, baby girl! B started preschool and loves every single minute of it. That transition was smooth, while the transition to his new, big boy bed was a bit more rocky. We flew out to Colorado to prepare for and celebrate my younger sister’s gorgeous wedding on the last day of the month! It was the perfect weekend in the Rockies with family and friends! Plus, B was the most adorable ring bearer! September was for celebrating with those we love most.

October // Thankfully, October was much slower than the previous months. We unpacked the suitcases we had been living out of and focused back on the daily routines of being home. Implementing a consistent bedtime routine made the big boy bed transition much easier and all of our bodies were able to rest a bit because of it. I prepped to chair the Rhapsody in Red Charity Gala with a wonderful committee and F’s job required more from him in the best ways. A stomach bug hit our house, but we snuggled our way through it. October was for rest, routines and recovering.

November // November brought with it a unique set of challenges. While not quite recovered from the prior months of traveling and celebrations plus that virus, a family emergency had us all rushing to be back together again. The same week, our nanny decided to stay home, so F and I scrambled to secure quality childcare, which we found quickly in a close friend of ours. Thankfully, God provided healing and answers to each challenge. With so much change, the terrible two’s hit hard and B required a lot more from us as parents. While this month was hard in ways, I was able to spend an immense amount of quality time with my son and I’m forever grateful for that. In the midst of it all, Rhapsody in Red was a success, the pregnancy continued along in a healthy way, I published a book, and started a new Facebook Live series called “Bedtime Babble.” Glory to God for providing in the midst of all the craziness! We celebrated Thanksgiving and gave thanks to God for his continued provisions and care in our lives. November was for gratitude, closeness and serious investment in family!

December // I stepped into my third trimester and prepared for the holidays. We spent this month creating traditions and experiences surrounding the season for our family to enjoy. B and I spent a day just as a mommy and son and did all the things he wanted to do – including baking Christmas cookies. We celebrated the marriage of F’s cousin and the birth of my cousin’s baby girl! We flew out to spend the holidays in Colorado with my family and celebrated with F’s family early too! December was for fun, family and a focus on the true meaning of Christmas, which carried us through the year.


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