Throw a Party // Gourmet Burger Bar


Throw a Party // Gourmet Burger Bar //

One thing I love about my husband is that he and I are on the same page when it comes to how we like to spend our weekend evenings… We both LOVE to host dinner for our friends at our house! Whether we send out a group text saying “BYOB and BYOMeats, we’re firing up the grill” or we host a formal dinner for a smaller group of friends, we always seem to be the gathering place and F and I wouldn’t have it any other way! A few weeks ago, it was our turn to host dinner club [yes, we are in a dinner club and it’s awesome!] and we were so excited to have everyone over! It’s August. It’s Texas. It was HOT that day. So, by 10am, the Italian meal I had planned was tossed out the window for a more weather-conscious food choice… burgers.

Now, I had a hard time mentally switching over from such a formal, elegant meal I had planned out in my head to…. burgers. So, I decided to do what I could [with the little time that I had] to make this meal of… burgers… fancy. How could I provide a gourmet burger experience while, at the same time, considering the different tastes of our guests? Then it came to me… A gourmet burger bar. How much fun would that be? And it was fun! It was also surprisingly easy to put together on a hot, August, Sunday afternoon.

Gourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar //

To start, I wanted to offer a variety of burgers [and chicken burgers] so I bought and chopped up some Hatch Chilis and cheddar cheese. We made regular burgers, burgers with just the cheese and seasonings and then burgers that had cheese, seasoning AND hatch chilis all rolled into them. For the top, we offered an option of pepper jack or goat cheese. We also grabbed some chicken breasts, seasoned them with salt, pepper and some lime juice and voila… We had multiple yummy options for the protein portion of the burger.

Gourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar //

I decided to wait until people arrived to toss the burgers on the grill, so we began the meal with appetizers of smoked sausage and mustard, as well as a trio of salsa with sweet potato chips! I whipped up some guacamole and my favorite paleo cole slaw to add another side, appetizer and give yet another option for something yummy for our guests to add to their burgers! We also tossed some organic french fries in the oven.

Gourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar // www.thehisfor.comGourmet Burger Bar //

To create the buffet-style, gourmet burger bar, I poured the condiments into some mason jars and labeled them with card-stock. I also added fun, add-on’s that you don’t normally see and labeled those as well. I sautéed some mushrooms with balsamic vinegar and olive oil [and a tiny bit of honey and maple syrup to add some sweetener to them] and I caramelized some onions for a fun option as well.

For dessert, we served gluten free brownies with vanilla gelato, but everyone was so stuffed from the burgers that we had a lot left over! It was the perfect dinner party and everyone seemed to really enjoy it! I know I did! Believe it or not, this was super easy to put together and created a fun, relaxed atmosphere for dinner club!

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