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Title Nine FitFest // Bravangelists // www.thehisfor.com

Happy Friday!

I have some EXCITING news to share with y’all today! Earlier this week, I was able to go over to the amazing Title Nine store here in Dallas where I was fitted for a new sports bra by one of their “Bravangelists.” When I first got there and she went to measure me, I was like “Why is this necessary?” but I soon realized that their sports bras, which are labeled just like regular bras are, ended up fitting me smaller than what I would wear in a regular bra.

Title Nine FitFest // Bravangelists // www.thehisfor.com

Then it got me thinking… Maybe I should’ve been fitted for a sports bra a long time ago…

Did you know that the average American woman wears a 36C bra, however the vast majority of sports bras are built for A and B-cup women? How is that possible? I call it a travesty!

But truly, it makes sense though… If we have to be properly fitted for a regular bra, shouldn’t we be fitted for sports bras too? I mean, the support is much more needed when you are jumping around, running, bending over… etc. Title Nine has tested thousands of bras and found just the right ones to support our workouts and our curves, whether you’re a 32AA or a 40EEE in the right bras routines, plus great options for nursing moms.

You too can get a personalized bra fit with a Title Nine Bravangelist at Title Nine Dallas’s Fit Fest on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. RSVP by clicking HERE! Once you’ve been fitted for your bra, you get to put it to the test by doing their “BOUNCE TEST”… this was my favorite part, y’all! HAHAHA!

Title Nine FitFest // Bravangelists // www.thehisfor.com

Cant make it to the FitFest? That’s okay because I’m giving away a personalized fitting and a free sports bra to one of my lucky winners! Head on over to my instagram account for more details on how to win!

In the meantime, I’ll be wearing my bra around everywhere! I LOVE IT!

Title Nine FitFest // Bravangelists // www.thehisfor.com

Have a good weekend and I’ll see you all at the Title Nine FitFest!

  • Daniel
    Posted at 19:08h, 01 March

    I also love the Moving Comfort sports bras! They are amnziag! I am VERY large chested with a 32-34 band size and they are perfect b/c most of them have underwire, full coverage, and adjustable straps. I love them so much I bought three!

    • chandler.hatchett@gmail.com

      Posted at 20:23h, 31 March

      I’ll have to give those a try!