10 10-Minute Swaps to Make Your Day Better

10 10-Minute Swaps to Make Your Day Better

I’m right there with you – it seems there’s not enough hours in the day. Our daily to-do lists take up so much of our time and we feel overwhelmed at the thought of squeezing in one more thing. But I’m sick of living like this. I don’t want to not have enough margin to include things I love and will make me a healthier, better person. I don’t want you to live that way either. And we don’t have to!

Many of our to-do’s are not ultimately important… but are time wasters. Can that email wait a minute? Does that phone notification have to be checked and responded to right this moment? Of course, we need to tend to our responsibilities because others need/depend on us, but take a closer look at your day and I guarantee that you’ll find distractions that can be swapped out for things that’ll add value to your life and, at the least make your day better.

Are you willing to go there and do something about it?

Instead of checking email for the millionth time or mindlessly swiping through all of those social media notifications/updates for 10+ minutes today (it’s such a trap), consider replacing them with any of these 10 life-giving activities that will undoubtedly make your day better:

  1. Read over your daily devotional and pray if you missed it this morning
  2. Text your 2 dear friends back who you’ve meant to respond to all week
  3. Go walk around the block to get some fresh air + come back with a clearer head
  4. Schedule that much needed dentist appointment that you have been avoiding
  5. Take time to list 3 things you’re grateful for and thank God specifically for each one
  6. Leave your desk and do anything else- chat with a coworker, refill your water bottle, etc
  7. With fresh eyes, re-read the cover letter you’re working on for that new role
  8. Keep a book at your desk/in your purse and finish another page or chapter
  9. Write down and reflect on how your actions today contribute to your long term goals
  10. Map out your grocery list so you can run by the store after work to finish meal prepping

These are examples of where to start. What can you add to this list that’s specific to your context and season? Life comes at us fast and we need to identify ways to take more control of how we use our time. We may not be able to dictate how all our time is spent, but we can probably find 10 minutes to steward better. Ask God to show you when is best. The awesome thing you’ll find is that those 10 minutes make your hours better. Those hours lead to better days, weeks, months, and years. After a while, you can have a pretty solid habit of taking brief periods of time out for YOU in the midst of the crazy. You’ll be a much happier and healthier woman, employee, leader, mom, volunteer, friend, etc because of it. That sounds like winning to me!

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