12 Ways to Pray for your Unborn Child

12 Ways to Pray for your Unborn Child

There’s nothing in this world that will show you that you’re not in control like motherhood, starting with pregnancy. I’m a control freak and want to do whatever I can to support and care for my family and friends at all times. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scenarios where I have to love them from afar and the only thing I can do is pray. Pregnancy is most-definitely one of those scenarios. All I can do to support my precious unborn child is take care of myself and pray for her. Praying isn’t something that I’m naturally good at, though, I have to admit. I find myself just listing generic asks of the LORD and every day they seemed to be the same, especially when it came to praying for my unborn child – please help her grow and please keep her healthy and please help her to develop…. It was all the same every single day.

This year, one of my goals was to become a prayer warrior. I want to pray more actively and fiercely and with more specific goals and asks in mind. So, I decided to write down a list of prayers to pray over my unborn child during my pregnancy. I came up with 12. 12 ways to pray for your unborn child, that’s roughly one prayer for every week in each trimester [give or take a few extra]. I recommend taking one of these prayers and praying them every day for a week and then switching off! If you’re anything like me, you’ll find that you’ll feel like a better momma to your unborn baby! So here they are… 12 ways to pray for your unborn child:

12 ways to pray for your unborn child

1. Pray for their development – that your sweet baby continues to grow and develop into a happy and healthy infant.

2. Pray for their delivery – that both you and baby experience a safe and healthy labor and delivery.

3. Pray for their ears – to hear mommy and daddy and know they’re loved, and that what they hear once they are born is uplifting, loving and fills them with goodness.

4. Pray for the world they will enter upon arrival – that there’s more love to go around and that grace abounds.

5. Pray for the other pregnant mommies and daddies out there – that they raise your little one’s peers (and even spouse one day) with kind hearts and to love and care for others.

6. Pray for their siblings, even the furry ones – that God will work in their hearts to accept and love this baby and grow a friendship with it.

7. Pray for their family members – that this little one will experience love and joy through their relationships with each of them – grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents and more.

8. Pray for their heart – that it develops healthy and strong and that they may already feel Jesus’s love in utero and mommy and daddy’s love too.

9. Pray for yourself and your doctor – that you stay safe and healthy in order to best provide housing for your unborn baby and your doctor/midwife is cared for as well, to best care for you and baby.

10. Pray for your child’s father – that God will give him the wisdom to love and lead your family and that your unborn child experiences the greatest relationship possible with him.

11. Pray for the “grown ups” they will trust – that their hearts are filled with good, that their temptations are strongly countered and that they realize the importance that their role will be in a child’s life one day.

12. Pray for your home – that God will bless your home so that it is both a safe place for a child to grow in and that it is filled with His love.

Looking to become a prayer warrior, too? I recently discovered this incredible prayer journal. I can’t recommend it enough! In fact, I’m giving one away with a copy of my 31 Day Devotional, A Proverb A Day. For information on how to enter to win, head over to my instagram!

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