14 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

14 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

You are 14 weeks and your babe is a spicy jalapeño! Hopefully you don’t have all the heartburn from that spice. If you do, though, join the club. We’re all drinking Mylanta over here like it’s going out of style. SO SEXY.

Speaking of sexy… Now that you’re in the 2nd trimester, the thought of spending some… ehem… alone time with your husband will start sounding more appealing! It’s totally safe, too! So go enjoy his company if you’d like… If your poor husband is anything like mine, he’s had to be very patient. Okay, back to the arid pregnancy stuff.

This week got pretty crazy for me. And by crazy, I mean that there’s more than just Mylanta-sipping and toddler chasing. Check it out:

14 Weeks Pregnant from the Doctor:

Welcome to the second trimester! With nausea improving, you can start to plan healthier meals for optimizing nutritional needs for you and your growing baby. Vegan, paleo, whatever diet plan you were on prior to pregnancy, you likely can continue on the same track with some modifications. Talk to your doctor about any additional supplements you may need for your particular healthy eating plan.

14 Weeks Pregnant from the Pregnant Lady:

So… I’m still pregnant. I think. This whole 14 weeks thing is strange. I sometimes THINK I feel a flutter… was that my baby girl jalapeño or was that gas? Waiting another 2 weeks until my 16 week appointment sounds like pure hades! This waiting [and worrying] game is no fun. In the meantime, I’m a sneezing, slow-moving mess of a woman. But I’m so glad I’m feeling better.

What are you feeling?

Allergies Galore

HOLY ALLERGIES HOW DO I MAKE THESE GO AWAY?!I’ve bought Afrin [with my doctor’s permission of using is once a day for no more than 3 days straight]. Hopefully that will help. There’s only so much that a nightly Benadryl can do…


I’ve been feeling weird… like, at first I thought it was just my terrible allergies and exhaustion getting to me, but I noticed myself making pretty bad judgement calls – especially when driving. I’ve been feeling like I’m in a fog and can’t concentrate at all and every single time I move from sitting to standing, I have to catch my balance and wait until I don’t feel faint anymore [now that part – the feeling faint when standing up – I remember from last time, but this other stuff is new]. Then it happened…

I went to the gym for one of my bi-weekly training sessions and our warmup got my heart rate going pretty good. When I finished the exercise, I took two steps and then hit to floor. Luckily, I caught myself when my legs gave out, but it took me WELL over 30 minutes to feel like I could stand up and walk again and my doctor had me come into her office immediately.

Low Blood Pressure

Read the paragraph above.

Turns out, it was all caused by low blood pressure. Apparently at this point in the pregnancy, your blood pressure takes a nosedive before it shoots back up in the third trimester. Most women will just deal with the occasional feeling faint, especially when changing positions. But me? Oh yeah… I [genetically] have pretty low blood pressure, so it started getting so low that it was affecting my daily life. Great.

The biggest concern the docs have is that fainting = falling. So, they tell me fainting is fine… WHAT? Okay, so you’re saying that I can faint away, so long as I catch myself if I feel it coming on? Fabulous.

Here’s what I’m doing to combat it.

I’m eating more sodium. I’m drinking gatorade before and during workouts – yuck. And I’m taking my sweet time when I need to sit down or stand up. All of this is helping. Great news, though. I got to hear that heartbeat! Wahoo! AND since I’ll be out of town for my sister’s wedding during week 15 and 16, They went ahead and counted this appointment as my 16 week check up! Talk about two birds!

Pregnancy Buzz Words – Doula, Midwife, Home Birth, Birthing Center:

Did you know that you don’t have to have a baby inside a hospital under the care of an OB-Gyn? There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to deciding what type of birth experience you’d like to have.

What’s a midwife? You might choose to have a midwife instead of an OB for prenatal care and to deliver your baby—midwives can deliver babies in hospitals, birthing centers or even in your home.

What’s a doula? A doula is someone who provides support and advocacy during labor and delivery.

What’s the difference?

A midwife is a health care provider, while a doula is more of a childbirth coach. As a health care provider, a midwife would replace your need for an OB-Gyn. A doula, on the other hand, serves as an added resource and can come alongside a midwife or a doctor to provide extra services, such as helping you with techniques to manage pain during labor and even providing help in the days after the baby is born.

Hospital Birth, Home Birth and Birthing Center
These are buzzwords surrounding WHERE your labor and delivery will take place. You can choose to have your baby in a hospital, in a birthing center or even at home! Some women choose to have their babies at home in their most-comfortable environment. For some some women, the immediate access to medical care in a hospital brings them more comfort than their own home [I’m one of those]. Enter the birth center… A birth center is a home-like facility for giving birth – more comfortable than a hospital, yet provides some of the basic medial needs [IV Fluids, fetal heart rate monitors, etc…]. If you need serious medical care, however, you’d be transported to a hospital from your home or a birth center.

Doctors, Doulas and Midwives can help you make the right decision for your birth experience. You can choose to birth in a hospital, at home or in a birthing center. I, personally, am blending both sides of the table together, opting for a hospital birth under the care of my amazing OB-Gyn, but I’m going to try to labor naturally, without an epidural, alongside the aid and instruction of my doula, Nikki, with Dallas Doulas.

There’s a Bit of Adulting to Do:

Take a Look at Your Insurance Coverage

Now is the time to read the fine print on what is covered and what is not. It’s also wise to put together a primary budget accordingly. My insurance plan changed overnight from personal to family plan with the birth of B so on day 2 in the hospital, I [all of the sudden] had a higher deductible to reach. It’s important to be aware of stuff like this so you don’t have any extra financial surprises.

Start Thinking Broadly About Your Birth Experience

It’s also time to decide the biggest aspect of  your birth experience – location and the person who you’d like to do the catching of the baby. Do you want to birth in a hospital, at home or in a birth center? Would you like to be under the care of a doctor or a midwife? Chances are you’ve already decided the last question, but it’s at this point in the pregnancy that you need to really take a look at what is covered by insurance and what type of birthing situation you’d prefer. The other, smaller details can be decided much later!

I’m very happy with my decision to birth in a hospital, under the care of my incredible OB-Gyn. I’m also confident in my decision to try again [it didn’t work out this way last time and that’s okay] for a natural, epidural-free delivery inside said hospital, under the care of said amazing doctor. I’m blessed that my doctor is on board with this and is so open to working with me to best serve me with the delivery I have. [It’s also important to note that if my doctor recommends a C-Section or an induction, I trust her training and her expertise so wholeheartedly that I will not object, as I know that that will truly be the best option, if needed.] I’ve had friends deliver in birthing centers and even at home and they’ve been happy with their decisions, too! I think your comfort level is paramount when making this decision. For me, I’m comfortable in a hospital… All the medical devices and doctors being RIGHT there gives me peace of mind, instead of anxiety.

That being said, I do want to try to go for a natural delivery. Knowing that that is my end-goal, I’m going to hire a doula. If you’re considering a natural L&D, a doula is definitely worth considering. It’s important, however, to choose someone that you feel comfortable with. My experience with a doula last time was, unfortunately, not ideal and encouraging my husband to pay for doula services again has been hard to do. If you want to hire a doula, start the interview process now, so that you can guarantee that you’ve found someone who’s personality fits yours. I adore the doula that I interviewed and I’m really excited to be utilizing her services this time around. I’ll go through the whole doula story and process later, just know that I’m very happy with the level of service she’s already provided.

So, take a look at your insurance and decide what birth experience fits your personality. The point I’m trying to make is this – the longer you’re in the care of the person who’s catching your baby, the more comfortable you’ll be. PLUS, doulas and midwives book up far in advance, so now is the time to start thinking about booking your pregnancy dream team.

How to Survive this week:

While it seems so far away that it’s almost not real, this whole thing is going to end with a labor day for you. Believe it or not, you have some stuff to consider this far out! Plus, get the boring stuff out of the way so that you can focus on all the fun baby prep in the coming months – like the nursery!

2nd Trimester Resources

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Disclaimer: As with anything, your doctor, midwife or health practitioner should be the most-esteemed and final word when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, medications, prenatal vitamins and to-do’s. This series is meant to be informative and fun, but is in no way purposed to replace the information that your doctor can provide. Always check with your doctor first.

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