18 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

18 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

You are 18 weeks pregnant! This week, that little baby of yours is the size of a Sweet Potato – she’s nice and large and super sweet! You’re almost to the halfway point and you’re probably feeling it. By this point, most women have a little bump to prove it, too! If this is not your first pregnancy, you may even have a full-fledged, nice and round belly! This week is big because most doctors bring you in for a long anatomy scan between 18 and 20 weeks… this means you’ll get to see that precious bundle again on an ultrasound!

18 Weeks Pregnant from the Doctor:

Your doctor will schedule you for an anatomy scan between 16-20 weeks. This is a 30 to 45 minute ultrasound of your baby from head to toe. Your baby will be screened for abnormalities of the brain, spine, heart, kidneys, and all other anatomical structures. Be sure to eat and hydrate before the ultrasound as sitting from lying down for that period of time may cause a lightheaded feeling. If everything is healthy-appearing on the ultrasound, this may be your last medically indicated sonogram. You can always schedule a 3D/4D ultrasound in your third trimester if you just want to peek in on your growing kiddo.

18 Weeks Pregnant from the Pregnant Lady:

I went to Chicago this week with my mom and I quickly realized that my body is doing something pretty miraculous sin growing this babe… but it is most-definitely an energy drain! I found myself to be completely drained while walking an shopping much faster than my normal self – so much so that I opted to remove my boots with a heel and purchase a pair of sneakers to wear out of the store! High heel lamentations or not, I’m ready to see my babe and hear her heartbeat again so I’m looking forward to [also feeling all the nerves because of] my upcoming 18 week anatomy-scan sonogram, which my doctor wants to bundle up with my 20 week appointment.

What are you feeling?

Heels just don’t feel the same anymore…

You heard that right. This 5 foot 2 inches momma-to-be typically LIVES in heels, but all of the sudden I find my endurance in them getting shorter and shorter… The aches and pains I used to feel after a full day in some heels seem to come round after a couple of hours now.

Body aches and pains

Piggy-backing on the prior topic, the aches an pains associated with spending the day on my feet seem to be just a tad bit more extensive than normal. I feel like I can’t take another epsom salt bath or I’ll turn into a bath salt, myself! Chasing a toddler doesn’t help this, I’m sure! I’m inly 18 weeks pregnant, but I’m starting to feel those aches and pains that will soon become a daily ordeal when I’m 35 weeks pregnant!

Your 18 Week Sonogram – What to Expect

This is one of the early pivotal moments in pregnancy, in my opinion. Other than hearing that heartbeat or finding out the gender, the 18 week sonogram is one of those moments that you’ll never forget. This is a big milestone medically in early pregnancy and is a wonderful time to see your baby, learn more about them and rule out any possible health issues you may be worried about.

The anatomy scan is typically an hour-long sonogram that measures EVERYTHING about your baby. The tech will start off my taking a good, long look at your baby’s heart and will take a photo of all four chambers and watch them beat together. This will give your doctor a good idea of how the heart is developing and will, ideally, give you peace of mind by learning that all is just fine! Then, the tech will take  look at the brain and measure the head to make sure that it’s growing and developing at the rate it should be.

Next, a series of measurements will be taken all over the baby’s body. This is the last chance your doctor will get to get the baby’s entire body on one screen. After a while, your bundle will just be too big! The tech will measure the arms, feet, legs, femur, and spine of your little one and get an approximate measurement of how your babe is growing! You’ll get to see your sweetie dance around, or sleep, or stretch or suck their thumb and talk about how cute that sweet baby is! You’ll get to see the skeletal makeup of the face and cheeks you’ll soon get to kiss and the tech will be able to see your baby’s kissable lips and assess that that has developed normally as well.

This sonogram is so important because it can help parents prepare for any medical needs your child may be born needing addressing, like a cleft lip or a heart problem. That way you can best be prepared with specialists and a plan to get you sweetie the medical help they’ll need when they’re born. For most parents, though, this sonogram is a sigh of relief and another milestone met and celebrated.

How to Survive this week:

Try and put your feet up as much as possible and remember that you need to rest more than the average bear right now. You may want to save high heels for special occasions and opt for flats… they’re just more comfortable, plus you don’t want to risk falling! The 18 week sonogram is both excited and a bit anxiety-provoking. Don’t worry about what you can’t control and focus on what you can. Take your prenatal vitamins and eat as healthy as possible and tell that bump of yours just how loved they are already! Instead of worry about the bridges of the future, focus on the road you’re on and know you’ll cross whatever bridge comes your way if or when it arrives!

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Disclaimer: As with anything, your doctor, midwife or health practitioner should be the most-esteemed and final word when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, medications, prenatal vitamins and to-do’s. This series is meant to be informative and fun, but is in no way purposed to replace the information that your doctor can provide. Always check with your doctor first.

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