25 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

25 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Congrats! You’re baby is officially a Cabbage Patch Kid! At 25 weeks pregnant, you have a full-fledged pregnant belly filled with a baby the size of a head of cabbage! How adorable! And you? Your uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball, so you might be noticing a large increase in belly-size!

25 Weeks Pregnant from the Doctor:

Time to start thinking about scheduling prenatal classes and ordering a breast pump. Most hospitals offer several different prenatal classes from child preparedness to natural childbirth to lactation classes. Check your hospital’s website for more info. Breast pumps are now covered under all insurance plans and there are really easy ways to order them. Www.breastpumps.aeroflowinc.com can easily help you get the list of breast pumps your specific insurance covers and get it straight to your doorstep, without the hassle of you calling your insurance company.

25 Weeks Pregnant from the Pregnant Lady:

So… last week was a little… dramatic. Lot’s of hormones surrounding the week. And, you know what? You’re pregnant for FORTY WEEKS, so there’s bound to be some emotionally-draining ones in there some where! You can’t be chipper ALL the time, but those sweet little baby kicks make it a bit easier to smile!

This week has been much, MUCH better for me. Both from a personal and pregnantal [made-up word] standpoint. I got the call that I passed my second round of gestational diabetes testing, had a wonderful date night with my husband to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary and my sweet baby boy is back to his darling self [with the exception of the toddler tantrums, which have decreased to a more manageable number, now]! YAY! Pregnancy-wise, I’m still feeling pretty good, but I can tell that the pressure is building… down there. As baby gets bigger, so does the pressure in our – ahem – lady parts!

What are you feeling?

Funky Dreams…

The funky dreams are back and better than ever. Mine involve people I know and sharks and people I barely know and weird encounters with them, usually surrounding the baby, like a shower or the birth, itself! Luckily, the bad dreams have subsided, but the weird ones are bigger and bolder than ever and provide me with the best stories to share over breakfast!

Pressure… down there…

While you may be having plenty of gas and the weird pressures associated with that [lot’s of toots in pregnancy… no one really warns you about that!], this pressure is different. Lightening crotch… electric crotch… whatever you want to call it, it’s not fun and can even stop you dead in your tracks! These very random bursts of… electric pulses… are just foreshadowing of what’s to come often in the third trimester. Get ready, sister… it get’s all kinds of funny in a few weeks!

How to Survive this week:

Keep on keeping on, mamacita! Sorry I don’t have more. This is just the pregnancy ride we’re on. Some weeks have more excitement than others.

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Disclaimer: As with anything, your doctor, midwife or health practitioner should be the most-esteemed and final word when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, medications, prenatal vitamins and to-do’s. This series is meant to be informative and fun, but is in no way purposed to replace the information that your doctor can provide. Always check with your doctor first.

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