3 Juices that Will Give Your Summer [and you] a Boost!


When the weather gets hot, all I want is something cold to sip on. Very few things make me feel refreshed from the inside out as juices do. Fresh-pressed juice is so good for you, as it is a great way to get your daily fruits and vegetables, and when you pair the right ones together, you can make a very tasty and refreshing little cocktail! What’s better than something that tastes good AND is healthy?

Whether you have a juicer and make these yourself, or do what I do, which is to go to a juice bar and order my own concoction like a DIVA, here are 3 juice recipes that will give your summer (and your body) a big BOOST!

IMG_1460This juice is one of my absolute favorites. Besides being super tasty, this drink is a great choice when you feel like those allergies are turning into a cold. The vitamin C is a direct boost to the immune system, which can drive away the cold symptoms. Plus, the ginger provides more than just a kick; it can help with stomach cramps and nausea. This is my go-to when my tummy is upset.

IMG_1462This juice can serve as a fix to your sweet tooth AND as a reset button for your body! The beets are full of iron and the berries provide a great source of antioxidants! Cloves are a mild anesthetic and are antiseptic in nature, making this the perfect detox drink!

IMG_1461Greens, greens and MORE GREENS! This juice is a great way to get your vegetables in! The cucumber is extremely hydrating, making this juice great for your summer skin! The jalapeno kick-starts your metabolism and the cilantro is full of amazing antioxidants! The pineapple masks the veggie taste, making this easy to stomach. Overall, this juice is great as a hangover cure!


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