3 Surprising Benefits of Natural Birth

3 Surprising Benefits of Natural Birth

When I was 4 years old, I got to witness my baby brother come into this world via a natural home birth. That was my first experience with childbirth, and it set the tone for how I wanted to birth my own babies someday. I spent months educating myself about natural childbirth when I got pregnant with my first. But, when I got to experience it on my own, I found out some surprising benefits that all the research didn’t tell me about.

  1. Pushing Is the Easiest Part

Before I went through labor and delivery myself, I read everywhere how awful pushing was. You even see it on tv- the women screaming, with sweat streaming down their faces as they pushed and pushed and pushed. I was terrified of pushing and was so nervous as my first labor quickly progressed to the pushing part.

I was so shocked out how much relief the pushing actually brought. It felt good. It was a sweet relief from the back-to-back intense contractions that ripped through my body. Pushing almost feels good in a way (until baby starts crowning, of course). And, with the pushing comes the excited knowledge that you will get to meet your baby soon.

  1. God’s Right There with You As You Labor

I know this may seem like an obvious statement to most since God is always with us. I was a pretty young first-time mom at 24 and was spiritually immature. Although I grew up in a Christian home, giving birth to my first was the first time I really felt God’s presence.

Many women cry because of the sheer joy of getting to meet their baby. I cried because of the overwhelming presence of my Heavenly Father. He cares so much about His children that He is right there with us in our most vulnerable moments. He holds us, calms us, comforts us as we bring our own children into this world. That moment was the first of many that I would see God start to work in my life and to draw me into Him.

  1. Baby Is So Alert Afterwards

Before I became a mom, I would binge watch all the birth shows on TLC. Most of the time, the baby would come out so sleepy and mom would have a hard time breastfeeding. Everyone also told me how much the baby sleeps in those first few hours.

I was so surprised when my own baby was wide awake for about the first 3 hours and it’s been that way with every baby since. It’s probably the most vital time in the breastfeeding journey so it makes sense that they would be alert to learn how to nurse. You wait so long to see them so to me this is one of the best benefits as you get to spend hours gazing into each other’s eyes.

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