3 Ways to Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Easier on Mom

3 Ways to Make a Kid’s Birthday Party Easier on Mom

I love birthday parties. I just love them. I love celebrating someone just because they are here and they were born! I think it’s a wonderful tradition and I honestly enjoy the process of planning a party to celebrate someone I love. Now that I’m a mom, I have so much fun planning, putting together and throwing a birthday party for my sweet little boy! However, there are few things as exhausting as throwing child’s birthday party. I am wiped OUT after each one. So, this year, knowing I’d be 32 weeks pregnant, I decided to cut a few corners and outsource the meatier parts of his party to keep some of the weight off of my shoulders and it ended up being a HUGE help for me!

In the past, my need to control would’ve kept me from passing some of these items off on others, but pregnancy and motherhood change you – in this case, for the BETTER. I typically would’ve been hesitant to even ask for help because the perfectionist in me would be afraid to lose the quality I had in my head. While I was afraid a bit to pass things off, exhaustion played a big role in my ability to take it all on myself, so I decided to put my perfectionism aside and, GUESS WHAT? The party was a huge success and I have to admit that it was probably better than I could’ve ever done alone!

I learned several lessons with this experience, namely that the party can still be wonderful, and maybe even more enjoyable for your guests when you let go of some of that control! They’re children. They’re together. There’s cake. It’ll be a great time for them no matter what. And at the end of the day, will B remember that I hand-cut the food labels myself? No. He’ll just remember that he had a blast with his friends. That’s a win.

And what about the parents? So long as  you’re providing their child with a way to get their energy out and feeding them, they’ll be happy to attend a two hour party because it’ll hopefully lead to a 2 hour nap later. Will they appreciate the hard work you put in to make the party cute? Sure. But their main concern on a Saturday is that nap they’re hoping for. Entertain and feed their kids? Wear them out so that they’ll nap later? That’s also a win.

So, here are 3 ways to make a kid’s birthday party easier on mom:

1. I chose to host the party at a venue

While in the past I opted to host B’s birthday parties in my home, I decided to throw his party at a local tumble and cheer gym. Yes, I paid for a venue, whereas hosting a party in my home would be free, but would it be? I paid $200 to reserve the venue and that came with supervision and someone who would essentially run the party for me, wrangle the kids and help keep them safe in an environment that is way more fun for them than my backyard could ever be.

That takes the pressure off the parents. That takes the pressure off me. That allows the kids a fun and safe way to get their energy out. WIN. WIN. WIN.

Plus, let’s talk about savings. I’m not capable of hosting a party in my home without losing my cool about all the little things I need to do to my house to make it “party ready” for guests to enter. I usually bring someone in to clean it, buy flowers for my empty vases, have the lawn mowed, touch up paint… etc. That’s a lot of work for mom and dad to do, and if you outsource that stuff, you’re spending way more than the $200 I spent on the venue. Then, coming up with a fun activity for the kids will probably require money and effort and you’re always liable if there’s an injury on your property. That could get really expensive. Plus, there’s a significant amount of cleaning up to do after the party. Yeah… outsourcing the venue is best.

2. I chose to order pizza

I love to come up with fun menu items and cook for my guests. This year, I decided to order pizza. I also bought a fruit tray and a veggie tray and had cookies and a cake made. It was the perfect amount of food and the only thing it required of me was to put the fruits and veggies into fun containers that I already had. I was still able to do fun little things with the menu that fit the theme, but the amount of work involved was cut in half – actually, more than that. Plus, parents and kids both love pizza… Who doesn’t? Yummy food that the kids will actually eat? Check. Healthy options available for the parents who don’t want their kids to eat pizza? Check. Less work on mom? Check. WIN. WIN. WIN.

3. I chose to outsource the “craftier” decorations

I found a party pack on Etsy that had personalized decorations, invitations and more available for CHEAP. They were cute and came quickly in the form of a digital file for me to print, myself. I reached out to a friend who is an event planner and she had her assistant print, cut and prep the items from the party pack that I chose! I paid her assistant for the time she spent on my project and for the materials/cost of printing, but I ended up spending a FRACTION of what I would have spent on craft supplies to make the decor myself or from a professional invitation company [but don’t worry, I made up for it on the cost of pizza]! This also saved me quite a bit on the time and effort I would have expended if I had put them together or printed them myself. Saved time? Check. Saved money? Check. Saved mom’s energy? Check. Party decor was cute and perfect for the event AND personalized? Check. WIN. WIN. WIN. WIN.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still ran around like a crazy women the day of the party, picking up balloons and getting there early to hang decorations up and stuff. The night before, I still stayed up late prepping the party favors and writing the foods out on the menu labels and putting the foods in bowls/on trays prepped for the next day. But, those are all the parts of a party that I LIKE to do. The party was so much fun for B and his friends and the parents left with full bellies and fed children who were definitely ready for a nap! I had enough energy after the party to join my family for lunch after the party, before they drove home, and I came home to a CLEAN HOUSE that didn’t require another burst of effort to put back together again. I definitely needed a nap, but my energy was spent where it needed to be – on our guests and my boy. I can’t tell you what a win that was for me!

There are a lot of ways to make a kid’s birthday party easier on mom… these are just 3 of them. So I have to ask you, momma, how have you outsource party to-do’s to make it easier on you?

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  • Lauren Ross
    Posted at 17:07h, 26 January

    Love this! Tomorrow is Charlotte’s birthday and a friend of mine co-owns Ship Party Return and she took care of the invitations, decor, plates, napkins, etc for the theme. So worth the money. Check them out on Instagram!

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