36 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

36 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

Your bump has gone tropical this week! Your babe is a sweet papaya now! We’re 36 weeks pregnant now! We have just one month until our due dates, but the best news [and a great sigh of relief] is that next week, at 37 weeks, we’re considered “full term”! That means that baby is done cooking, just getting nice and fat! Wahoo!

My son is REALLY into Paw Patrol and has assigned each one of us a Paw Patrol name… He’s given me the name “Rubble”… If you’re familiar with Paw Patrol, Rubble is the big, English bulldog construction worker. It’s official… I’m big and round like a bulldog… I waddle when I walk like a bulldog… I grunt and snort as I move… like… a… bulldog. Gee, thanks, my darling angel! Mama loves you, too.

36 Weeks Pregnant from the Doctor:

Group B Streptococcus is a bacteria that can live in the vaginal canal of up to 25% of all pregnant women. During pregnancy and prior to labor or your amniotic sac (aka your “water”) breaking, GBS infections are not harmful to your or your baby. However, to help prevent GBS infections in newborns, women are tested for GBS late in pregnancy, between weeks 35 and 37 weeks. The test is called a culture. In this test, a swab is used to take a sample from the woman’s vagina. This procedure is quick and not painful. If you are informed that you are a carrier for GBS, with a positive culture result, your doctor will plan safe and effective antibiotics through your IV once you arrive on Labor & Delivery.

36 Weeks Pregnant from the Pregnant Lady:

I’m not going to lie… this week has been tough. I’m on modified bedrest, stuck inside the house, and overall just feeling BLAH. I’m more than ready for this baby girl to GET OUT. The prodromal contractions are continuing, but I’ve figured out a few coping mechanisms to help them go away, like a hot bath. While I’m ready to be out of my third trimester, contracting misery, I’m not going to lie that I’m so grateful for each day closer to 37 weeks – full term. I want my baby to be as close to fully-cooked as possible before her grand entry into the world.

But I’m not cool with overcooking. Seriously… Baby girl better arrive on her due date. I don’t think I can go much longer!

Bump photos by Kristen Dee Photography

What are you feeling?

Leaky boobs

At some point during pregnancy, your breasts will start making colostrum – the thick, yellowish liquid that will serve as the first food you’ll give your baby, before your milk comes in. You might notice some leaking from your breasts during pregnancy. I noticed mine leaking this week! Yippee!

Pregnancy Buzz Word – Breech Baby

In a typical pregnancy, as labor draws near, the baby will turn head-down to prepare for birth. However, not all babies get the memo to turn around accordingly, those babies’ position is called breech presentation.

If your baby is breech, there’s still a chance that he/she will turn before delivery, depending on how much fluid you have and if the baby is bottom-down or feet-down. If the chances of your baby turning are slim, your doctor will talk to you about what that means and a plan of action. While there are doctors that will deliver a breech baby vaginally, a breech presentation typically ends in a planned c-section.

Pregnancy Milestone – Packing a Hospital Bag

Now that your due date is just one month away, it’s time to consider your hospital stay and the items you’ll need while you’re there. It’s smart to go ahead and pack a hospital bag so that when you do go into labor, the last thing you have to worry about is packing up your things for a few nights. If you have an older child, or a husband that’s like another child, you may want to pack them a bag, too, depending on what your plans are when you go into labor. Here’s what I’ve got in my bag if you need ideas.

Pregnancy Milestone – Installing the Carseat

Your bag of clothes is not the only thing you need to bring with you to the hospital – you’ll need a carseat ready to go for your precious baby! While you won’t need one on your drive there, most hospitals won’t let you or baby leave without showing them that you not only have a carseat, but that  your carseat is safely installed in the car! If you don’t already have a carseat, now’s the time to get one and go ahead and install it just so that it’s ready to go when your babe is.

How to Survive this week:

36 weeks! 36 weeks pregnant! You are so close, momma! So so close! Almost too close… wait… baby is ACTUALLY going to be here soon… wait, wait. WAIT. HOLY COW THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO!!

Take a deep breath, make a to do list, knock it out, but try and rest as much as possible. You’re almost there and your baby is just as excited to meet you, too.

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Disclaimer: As with anything, your doctor, midwife or health practitioner should be the most-esteemed and final word when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, medications, prenatal vitamins and to-do’s. This series is meant to be informative and fun, but is in no way purposed to replace the information that your doctor can provide. Always check with your doctor first.

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