4 Easy Fourth of July Treats You Can Make with Your Little One

4 Easy Fourth of July Treats You Can Make with Your Little One

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, y’all! I know I say this all the time, but HOW are we already to Independence Day for 2017?! I love the Fourth of July holiday and all the fun it entails! I love teaching B all about the flag and our country and everything this holiday has to offer, from the fireworks to the food to the freedom! [See what I did there?] Anyways, of all the activities that I like to do with B, making treats is my favorite! I love to create with him and then watch him enjoy the fruits of his labors and patience! There’s a lot that a child can learn by cooking in the kitchen, but often times it’s too dangerous or the cleanup is too extensive to even begin trying! I’ve rounded up 4 fun and easy Fourth of July treats that you can make with  you little here! All of these Fourth of July treats require very little effort and cleanup and their safe for your little to make with you! Plus, they are yummy and fun to eat! Get the Fourth of July going today or tomorrow by creating these Fourth of July treats and talking about the holiday with your little while you do them!

Have fun and Happy Fourth of July!

Red White and Blue Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These are so easy to make and super simple! Heat up some white chocolate in the microwave, dip the strawberries in the chocolate and then into the sprinkles and there you have it! The easiest and yummiest patriotic treat that you and your little made together! Just remember not to dip the strawberry all the way into the chocolate because you still want some red to show!

1 small bag of white chocolate chips
1 dozen large strawberries [washed]
1 canister of blue sugar sprinkles [in a small bowl]

  1. In a small, microwave safe bowl, heat the white chocolate chips in the microwave in 15 seconds increments, stirring in between each, until melted
  2. Using a utensil [I used a kabob stick], pierce the top of a strawberry and dip the strawberry into the melted chocolate until 2/3 of the strawberry is covered
  3. Immediately dip the strawberry into the sprinkles until the bottom half of the chocolate portion is blue
  4. Place on parchment paper and repeat with the other strawberries
  5. place the strawberries in the fridge until you’re ready to serve them. Enjoy!

Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs

These make for a healthy snack that looks pretty too! Headed to a Fourth of July party like this one? These kabobs are sure to be a hit! Plus, if there are any extra fruit pieces, you and your little can eat the leftovers! It’s a Fourth of July win, win!

3 cups of strawberries [sliced]
1 cup of blueberries
3 bananas [sliced]

  1. Fill 4 fruit kabobs with the following measurements: 8 blueberries, 3 bananas and 3 strawberries [alternating, starting with bananas] *Bl-Bl-Bl-Bl-Bl-Bl-Bl-Bl-Ba-S-Ba-S-Ba-S*
  2. Fill the other 5 kabobs with 6 strawberries and 5 bananas, alternating [beginning and ending with strawberries] *S-B-S-B-S-B-S-B-S-B-S*
  3. Lay them out on a platter in the shape of the United States flag and serve!

Watermelon Star Cutouts

Instead of cutting out chunks of watermelon, why not create watermelon STARS? They are a fun and patriotic way to enjoy everyone’s favorite summer treat and they’re so easy to make that your little one can help you! just cut the watermelon into large pieces that are 1″ thick and use a star-shaped cookie cutter to create yummy watermelon stars! So easy to do and SO much fun to eat! Perfect for the 4th of July!

Red, White and Blue Popsicles

These popsicles are a hit! Plus, they are all-natural and are even paleo friendly! Your little one won’t know that they’re healthy at all, though! These require a little bit more time to make, but they are so much fun! I recommend starting the process before nap time and then your little will have a popsicle waiting for them when they wake up! Just remember that berries can stain clothes! I have B eat his outside with his shirt off!

Get the recipe here!

Did you try any of these Fourth of July treats? Let me know what you think!

All images by Kristen Dee Photography

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