4 Podcasts to Follow in 2020

4 Podcasts to Follow in 2020

There’s a gargantuan amount of podcasts available — 750,000 worth to be exact — at the tap of a finger. Whether you’re into art, business, even facts, it can be a little overwhelming when trying to find something new to listen to. If that wasn’t enough, trying to figure which of those podcasts is actually worth listening to would be some kind of task.

It’s time to update your library and while you could dabble in the “You Might Also Like” section of your podcast app or go by word of mouth, it would take listening to know if they are a hit or miss. But, fret not for I’ve made a lineup of a few podcasts that you can listen to while sifting through emails or lounging at the beach.

  1. Blessed + Bossed Up

I don’t know about other folks, but I found a real sisterhood with this podcast. The founder is like the older sister stand-in and does an amazing job at digging into the issues that affect the lives of women in the faith, while also providing helpful tips and tricks to work smarter, not harder for those working the remote 24/9 daily grind.

  1. The Femails

If you need a solid dose of girl power, perk your ears for this pod. Entrepreneur Career Contessa and her co-host Lauren McGoodwin inspire listeners with candid interviews to provide the incredible backstories behind some pretty powerful women. Every few episodes, I’m always saving their recommendations on good books, and useful tools to make my work life/space more efficient.

  1. Creative Pep Talk

The Creative Pep Talk is basically inspiration through your headphones. Expect deep dives into which paintbrush might make a better stroke on canvas or what makes a good story, really good. No matter if you need life advice or just want to celebrate art, the solution is right here in this pod. 

  1. Conan O’ Brien Needs a Friend

 In each episode, Conan interviews some of the people he enjoys the most, inducing some celebrity giants and lesser-known up and coming talent. While you may laugh more times than you can count on one hand, the comedian and entrepreneur takes a real-talk approach that may surprise and lead you to think deeply. Woot, woot for Team Coco — if you know, you know.

Final Thoughts

From what I’ve shared, it seems that the purview of podcasting is changing (thank God). No doubt, it’s a promisingly lucrative industry. But, it’s both interesting and important to see emerging technologies and media leveling the playing field so people from all different backgrounds have the opportunity to join in. These pods are sure to spark insight, humor, and inspiration, offering a little to everyone — so crank up the volume and prepare to hit subscribe!

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