4 Useful Tips for The Plant-Based Newbie

4 Useful Tips for The Plant-Based Newbie

Starting a plant-based lifestyle can sound both incredibly appealing but also extremely intimidating. While it may be easy to simply eat fruits and vegetables, a plant-based life entails much more than just consuming a healthier diet.

If you’re looking to start your journey towards a life dedicated to everything nature has to offer, we can give you a couple of tips to help get you started. Whether you’re making the switch to benefit your health or the lives of others, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to make this change as easy as (plant-based) cheese.

#1: Educate Yourself on Plant-Based Lifestyles

The first step to making this lifestyle change is educating yourself on what it means to go plant-based. Living a plant-based life may change the way your body acts, even just for a little, so it’s important to know how this type of diet may affect you. Along those lines, it’s also great to know the many medical and ethical benefits that come from these choices, too.

Do research online about the brands you’re thinking about purchasing, and make sure they line up to your ethical standards. 

#2: Shop Local!

Fresh produce is the best way to begin your plant-based lifestyle. It is easily found at your local farmer’s market or health foods store, and it typically comes straight from nearby farms and ethical producers.

Shopping local can also help guarantee that you’re not contributing to an immoral corporation for produce and other foods. It helps to fund your town or city’s local business, which is great on multiple levels.

#3: Try Growing Your Own

One of the easiest ways to start your plant-based routines is to surround yourself with plants. I know this sounds strange, but when you grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables, you are significantly more inclined to consume such produce. It simply makes it easier for you to want to incorporate plant life into your daily life.

Also, growing your own produce definitely helps you save money, as you no longer have to rely on grocers or venders to give you what you need. Instead, you have it right in your own home!

#4: Always Be Prepared

As a newly enter the plant-based world, going out to dinner or even figuring out what to eat on your lunch break can be a bit daunting. What if there aren’t any plant-based options? If you’re concerned about these situations, be prepared! Try carrying a couple of plant-based snacks with you for during work breaks, and also browse online menus before going to restaurants to make sure there are options for you.

If you’re stuck in a situation where plant-based simply isn’t an option, that’s okay. Just because you stray from the diet a few times doesn’t mean your intentions aren’t there. Switching to a fully plant-based lifestyle can take time and of course, a little experimentation.

Beginning Your Lifestyle Change

Plant-based lifestyles are not only beneficial to the environment around you, but it’s great for achieving a healthy mind and body, too. It’s important to remember that this type of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and to truly listen to your body and its needs.

If being plant-based is for you, making basic, everyday changes to your lifestyle can be just what you need to get started. Whether that be growing your own veggies or shopping exclusively for organic, non-GMO produce — every step is a good one in the direction of natural living.

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