4 Ways to Model a Loving Marriage to Your Children

4 Ways to Model a Loving Marriage to Your Children

When you have children, it might sometimes feel like the focus on your marriage simmers on the backburner a bit more than it should. Before running your daughter to soccer practice, helping your son with his homework, and staying late at work a few nights a week, you might start to wonder if you’re showing your kids what a loving marriage really is.

You’ve probably heard before that the key to any lasting relationship is communication. While there’s a lot of truth to that, many people miss the most important part of communication – listening.

Listening can help you to build a healthier, more loving marriage no matter how long you’ve been together. Developing and showcasing these skills in front of your children will help to show them what a loving marriage really is.

Whether you think they’re paying attention or not, those are skills and characteristics they can take with them into their own relationships later in life.

So, how do you model a loving marriage?

  1. Understand Your Spouse’s Viewpoint

Arguments happen in marriages. Even the healthiest relationships in the world have disagreements. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s how you handle them that makes a difference.

One of the ways you can show a more loving marriage to your children is to try to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. Try to understand where they’re coming from, and why.

When you gain a different perspective, it can help to bring you down from your argument, and you might be more willing to make a cordial compromise.

  1. Ask Questions

If your spouse is speaking to you, don’t just hear them. Listen to them. Ask them questions to show your interest. Repeat some of the things they say for clarification. Respect is huge in a marriage. Really showing off your listening skills can not only earn you major brownie points, but it will show your kids just how important it is to listen, as well as when to speak.

  1. Be More Grateful

People, in general, probably need to be more grateful for the little things on a daily basis. But one area where gratitude always needs to shine is in a successful marriage.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner how much you appreciate them on any given day. Maybe it’s because they bring you a cup of coffee each morning. Or, maybe it’s the way they drive the kids to school.

Showing genuine appreciation for things like that will also show your kids how important it is to adopt an attitude of gratitude when it comes to their relationships and other areas of life.

  1. Always Be Honest – Even When it Isn’t Fun

You’ve probably told your kids on more than one occasion that honesty is the best policy – or something of that nature. But, actually living out those words in your own marriage is the best thing you can do to show your children just how important it is.

It’s not always easy to be honest to your spouse, even if it’s just a little white lie you’re keeping. But, having an open and honest marriage will constantly increase your trust over the years, and sharing something difficult with someone you love, even when it’s hard for you to do, is the perfect picture of what a marriage is supposed to be. Your kids will pick up on that, and they’ll carry it with them for a lifetime.

Modeling a loving marriage doesn’t have to be difficult. By showcasing some of these behaviors with your spouse, you can set an example for your children that they can use in their future relationships, and that can be passed on for generations to come.

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