4 Ways to Prioritize Wellness in the Wait

4 Ways to Prioritize Wellness in the Wait

At any given point in time, we’re all waiting on something.

Sometimes it’s something trivial like waiting for the next season of This is Us to start (even though this feels super serious!) and other times it’s major like waiting for the doctor’s report on a health crisis or waiting for God to reveal your next move in a difficult relationship or job situation. I’ve experienced both kinds of waiting the past couple of years and it’s been quite the journey.

One lesson I’ve learned through it all is that we must continue to prioritize our wellbeing in the wait.

I know – it’s so tempting to put our overall health on the back-burner when we’re dealing with uncertain circumstances that come at us fast and we’re weary. But we must prioritize wellness in the wait, as this is when it’s most important to take care of ourselves so we have the strength and endurance to conquer whatever we’re going through. Keep these easy + effective wellness tricks up your sleeve so your health doesn’t suffer too much. You’ll find it helps you cope better and keep going.

Here are 4 of my favorite ways to prioritize wellness while you’re waiting:

1. Cultivate a journaling practice

It’s not healthy to keep your thoughts/feelings repressed inside. Get it all out without judgement from others (and try not to judge yourself!) and you’ll feel much less bottled up stress and anxiety. Journaling is very therapeutic. You can even gain clarity and resolve some of your issues simply by the process of getting the words out. You can journal general thoughts about what you’re going through or focus on a specific objective like gratitude to keep your mind in a positive, hopeful space. This does wonders for your mental and emotional wellness. This is the journal I like to use best.

2. Squeeze in daily worship/gratitude walks

There’s so much freedom in how these walks can be done. With a heart of worship and gratitude for all your current blessings and what He will do – you can take a quick 10 minute walk around the block to recharge with fresh air. Choose what time of day works for you. A goal could be to do this regularly a couple times a day, multiple times a week. It’s so easy to just stay inside when you’re going through a storm and this takes only a few moments in your day. It’s good for your mind, body, and soul. The gratitude or worship focus centers your mind on the good when things seem to drag.

3. Jazz up your H2O

During anxious waiting periods, you may be tempted to indulge in certain beverages like caffeine or alcohol more than you would otherwise. Whether it’s to take the edge off or stay in the zone at work, be mindful of what’s in your cup. In addition to dehydration, consuming too much caffeine and alcohol causes restlessness, insomnia, and harm to vital organs which kill any productivity you have. You need your energy and beauty sleep to survive and thrive in this season. Enjoy nature’s mixed drink by investing in a fun, reusable water bottle and add in your favorite flavors – mint, cucumber, strawberry, lemon – to keep your taste buds happy. Make it a priority to always keep a water bottle nearby so hydration is frequent and simple.

4. Don’t sulk, serve!

It’s so easy to get sucked into only thinking of yourself all the time when you’re in a waiting period. Questions like, “When will this end? When will my prayers get answered? Why have things not gotten better yet?” can consume all your thoughts. These are all very real feelings, but feelings and circumstances can’t keep us from loving those around us like we’re meant to. Find a cause that you’re passionate about and volunteer your time via serving. From personal experience, I promise you’ll feel so fulfilled as you bless others that the burden of the wait will feel lifted. That’s the beauty of being other-focused.

Seasons of waiting seem to make all aspects of life come to a halt. The efforts to keep wellness a priority during these times will pay off. You’ll be even more energized once you’re on the other side and/or it’ll make the journey more bearable (and possibly beautiful) along the way. Small, sustainable actions always win over complexity when life throws us curveballs.

I hope these tips encourage you and spark more of your own ideas keep health priority in bite size ways. Lean on the support of your community and I’m cheering you on too. You got this, sis!

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