5 Airport Fashion Tips // What to Wear on a Long Flight

5 Airport Fashion Tips // What to Wear on a Long Flight

5 Airport Fashion Tips // What to wear on a long flight // www.https://www.thehisfor.com5 Airport Fashion Tips // What to wear on a long flight // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Hey Guys! It’s summer and that means plenty of us are planning/heading out on trips to fun and far out places! I received an email from one of you asking me to share some of my tips for what to wear on a long flight, which is actually something that takes some serious consideration! Thinking back on my traveling experiences, I’ve put together my top 5 airport fashion tips for a long flight. Now, this post does not have anything to do with traveling on long flights with children… That’s an entirely separate post and, honestly, something I don’t have much experience in since the longest flight I’ve been on with B was about 5 hours… I’m talking LONG flights… 8-10 hour flights… And yes, there’s an art form on what to wear on them.

I love to travel. There’s something about going somewhere new that just makes my heart flutter! Before I settled down, got married and had Mr. B-Man, I actually traveled quite a bit! I studied in Argentina and the UK, visited Chile, France, the Carribean, Hawaii and plenty of the other states! My family loves traveling, too, and we consider it a great bonding experience to all go to new places together. Since I’ve been married, we’ve been to Mexico plenty of times, Italy and all over the East Coast! B has actually been a little bit of a traveler, too! In his 17 months, he’s been to Colorado, Nantucket, Mexico, North Carolina and California! While I haven’t been on a particularly long flight since I’ve been a mommy, I have some decent experience in spending hours upon hours on a plane and, let me tell you, what you wear and have with you can actually make or break the flight experience for you! The worst part is that a bad experience on a flight can put a HUGE damper on your first day of vacation, which NO ONE wants. So, it’s actually pretty helpful to plan what you’ll wear on the plane ahead of time.

Here are my top 5 airport fashion tips for what to wear on a long flight:


When thinking about what you want to wear when boarding a long flight, start with the end destination in mind. Are you going somewhere warm, cold, tropical or historical? What’s the weather there? The most important thing to consider is that if you’ve checked your luggage, there’s always the risk that your luggage will arrive a few days after you, especially when traveling abroad. Pick an outfit that reflects your personality and the destination you’re going. If you’ll be doing a lot of walking or touring, consider wearing sneakers. Headed to the beach? Consider carrying on a swimsuit!

I usually opt for comfortable shoes or boots [typically flats], jeans or leggings, a t-shirt or tank, a jacket of some sort and a scarf. I’ve boarded a plane in all of the outfits above!


This is key for a long flight. Now, I’m not talking about clothes that you can dress up for a nice dinner and down for a day in town. When I say dress up, I mean what you’d be happy to be photographed in on your first day of the trip [or 2]. When I say dress down, I mean sleeping. Can you take elements of this outfit and become comfortable enough to sleep in it? When I fly overseas, often this outfit for me is a pair of skinny jeans, a cute T-Shirt and a pair of flats. If I’m headed somewhere colder, I’ll add a leather jacket and a scarf. Then, in my carry on, I bring a pair of yoga pants. Depending on where you’re going, often times the flight departs in the evening and you arrive to find yourself in the midst of a morning in your destination. So, I typically have this system reversed. I show up to the airport in the yoga pants and change into the jeans before the flight lands! See below for more information on said yoga pants.


Often times those long flights take you to a new time zone where it’s most important that you spend your time on the flight sleeping. And, often times, if you don’t sleep on the flight, you will have a rough start to the trip! Think about what you’ll need most to be cozy on the flight. When I studied abroad, I needed a pillow for my bed, so I would carry it with me on the flight. You have to be fully committed to pillow-carry to do this, though, and there are other options. For example, the right scarf can be used as both a little pillow AND an eye mask. Here are some things I bring or partake in to help me sleep on a long flight:

-An Eye Mask
-Lavender Essenial Oil
-A Sudoku book
-Take those shoes off
-Wine. I order wine on the flight.
-See next point:


This is probably the biggest point you’ll need to take from this! Somewhere between Dallas and London, your flight will turn into an Arctic Tundra. If you’re not wearing them already, bring a pair. I always make sure to have some in my bag for a long flight because cold toes never make sleeping [or comfort] easy. Also consider either wearing on or bringing with you a sweatshirt/sweater/something to cover your arms. The more you can snuggle up, the better.

Side Note: Compresion socks are important for long flights as they help combat against blood clots. ALWAYS remember to stand up and walk around every few hours to keep the blood flowing on long flights. This is very important!


This is my favorite part of a long flight. Although this article is about what to wear on a long flight, this is my recommendation on what to BRING. Remember when I said that I bring a pair of jeans to change into? That may sound weird, but I’m much more likely to adjust to a new time zone if I feel like I’ve woken up and started my day. Often times, I’ll wake up on a flight with an hour left before we land, and I use this time to do just that’ get ready to start my day. Here’s what I bring and do to make me feel like I am starting my day ‘and trip] off on the right foot:

-Makeup Remover/Cleansing Face wipes // I use this to quickly “wash my face”
-A Toothbrush and Mini Toothpaste // I actually go into the tiny airplane bathroom to change into my jeans and I also brush my teeth WITH BOTTLED WATER!!! The water on a plane is NOT good to ingest in ANY WAY. I don’t care if you spit it out. It’s nasty. Use a water bottle.
-My Makeup Basics // I bring what I need to put on a basic face of makeup. I don’t go all crazy or anything, but I want to look cute when I arrive. Plus, I will FEEL like I’m dressed for the day.
-Deodorant // Just because you will feel fresh and less-airplane-smelly.

All of these can fit easily into a small makeup bag that you throw into your carry on. Easy. And to me, these make such a difference in the way I feel getting off the plane! PLUS, if there’s something wrong with your checked luggage arriving to your destination, you will be so glad that you brought these items with you in your carry on.

5 Airport Fashion Tips // What to wear on a long flight // www.https://www.thehisfor.comThese are my tips for dressing for a LONG flight. I clearly wrote this post without addressing boarding a flight with a baby because, like I said earlier, that will deserve a post in and of itself… Yeah. TOTALLY different ball-game! Of all my carry on’s I’ve ever had, he’s my cutest carry on BY FAR!

What are your tips for dressing for a long flight?


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