5 Easy Ways to Make Your NYE Party Pinterest-Worthy

5 Easy Ways to Make Your NYE Party Pinterest-Worthy

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and not only is this upcoming holiday celebrating a new year, but next week we get to welcome in a new decade! Whether you’re hosting some friends at your home before going out to a big to-do, or you’re taking on a party that will last the entire night, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Pinterest ideas that you can easily implement to make your NYE party extra special this year. Check them out!

1. Go all-silver with a pop of color

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Are you tired of the typical black and gold you’ll see in every New Year’s Day instagram post? Try going with all silver and add a pop of color to make your party stand out!

2. Let the cups be the sparkle

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These disco ball cups are decorations too!

3. Who Needs Helium?

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Hang air-blown balloons upside down with fishing line to make your ceiling the centerpiece!

4. Reuse Your Christmas Decor

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We love the way this person filled glass vases with silver and gold Christmas ornaments for their NYE shindig. Extra points given for recycling!

5. Make sure Everyone gets a Kiss at Midnight

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This is a fun and family-friendly way to incorporate a midnight kiss into your party!

No matter how you’re celebrating this year, we hope you have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve! See you next decade!

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