5 Natural Products for Surviving Pregnancy

5 Natural Products for Surviving Pregnancy

So… you clicked on this page. I’m guessing that either means you’re pregnant OR you love someone who is pregnant. Either way, keep reading, because this information is VAL-UA-BLE. If you’re expecting a babe of your own, these 5 natural products for surviving pregnancy will be just that – life-saving. If you love someone who’s pregnant, these make for great “Congrats! You’re Expecting!” gifts when you honestly have no idea WHAT to get a pregnant person. Maybe you’re neither of those things and you’re curious… kudos to you, person.

I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second child – a baby girl – and I could not be more thrilled! Pregnancy is a gift from God and is something that I always wanted to experience as a little girl. Being blessing with the ability to carry and birth a child, much less being blessed to actually experience it is one of the most incredible, empowering and moving occurrences that I’ll ever live through, I’m sure.

Pregnancy can also be tough. These 40 weeks are a strange phenomenon, and with so much happening to your body, it’s virtually impossible to make it through the entire pregnancy without some form of discomfort. While I’ve been blessed with two healthy pregnancies, I’m most definitely not immune to the weird symptoms and uncomfortable feelings that come alongside pregnancy. Unfortunately, I can certainly say that I have experienced nearly every single typical, harmless pregnancy symptom from morning sickness to heartburn to sciatic nerve pain! The good news about my interesting ability to experience the good and the not-so fun symptoms is that I can share some products that work for me in making pregnancy a bit more… tolerable! I’ve picked some of the most common pregnancy symptoms and am listing the natural products for surviving pregnancy for you here.

It’s no secret how much I love NOW Foods. I discovered them after my first pregnancy, but their products have been my go-to’s in this pregnancy and I can’t tell you how much I have thought “Man, I wish I had known about this last time!” They only use the best, natural ingredients and take so much care behind the making of each and every product they sell. I have a feeling that their hot cocoa will be my nursing go-to and I even take their prenatal vitamins! So, without further ado, here are 6 natural products for surviving pregnancy from NOW Foods!

first trimester:

for fatigue – the ‘put some pep in your step oil’ set

During the first trimester, most women experience an intense exhaustion. This was definitely the case for me last time and has been worse for me this go ’round [I think my toddler has something to do with that]! The energizing oils in this set are meant to do just as they say – put a pep in your step – when you diffuse them! Plus, grapefruit oil is one of my favorites! I even listed it as a must-bring oil [along with lavender and peppermint] in the hospital bag!

for nausea – peppermint essential oil

In both pregnancies, I was lucky enough to experience morning sickness – YAY! That nausea is unlike anything else… it’s overwhelming and it can often be debilitating. I’ve found that just simply placing a few drops of peppermint oil on a tissue and taking in a big smell is helpful when nauseous. It’s for that reason that I also listed peppermint oil as a hospital bag essential! I used this method during labor when I’d feel sick then too!

second trimester:

for itchy, stretchy skin – cocoa butter with jojoba oil

This trimester is the one where your belly goes from nothing to SOMETHING and it does it FAST. One of the most-googled pregnancy symptoms is stretch marks. Many women get them because their skin can’t keep up with how fast their body is changing! While stretch marks fall into the category of the .5% of pregnancy symptoms that I haven’t yet experienced [“yet” is the key word], I have some of the itchiest skin [especially my belly] known to man. Women swear by cocoa butter as a sure-fire way to moisturize that growing bump in pregnancy, and I find it especially soothing to my itchy, stretchy skin.

for the sniffles – natural, saline-based nasal spray

While this wasn’t something I remember ever being bad the first go-’round, I can’t tell you the last time I experienced a day without sneezing, sniffling or congestion in the past 27 weeks. Pregnancy sniffles are a thing – I guess we preggos are just more susceptible to those seasonal nose-ticklers in the air. The problem? There’s only so much we can take when pregnant and there’s only so much relief that comes with the meds that we CAN take. This saline spray is natural and safe during pregnancy [but don’t take my word for it – always ask your doctor before taking ANYTHING in pregnancy].

third trimester:

for restless sleep  – the ‘let there be peace and quiet’ oil set

Pregnant women have a hard time sleeping in the third trimester. As we get bigger, it’s harder to get comfortable and I also think that it’s nature’s way of preparing us mommas for the big arrival of an awake-all-night infant! Diffusing these essential oils help my mind and body relax, which I desperately need! Relaxation is also important during the labor and delivery process, which is why I also list lavender oil as a hospital bag essential!

Hopefully, if you’re experiencing some of the less-exciting symptoms of pregnancy, this guide is helpful for you. I know that I can say that each and every one of these products has made a positive difference in my pregnancy experiences. Now, I just wish I could find a cure for my heartburn! Seriously… oxygen turns my esophagus into a fiery chamber of hades… That’s a whole different issue. Dragon mouth or not, I’d do it again for either of my children – born or unborn. Isn’t that the true miracle of pregnancy – How quickly we seem to forget the discomfort?

You can quickly shop all of these products here:

What about you? Do you have any natural products for surviving pregnancy? If so, share them below!

Just FYI:

This post was sponsored by NOW Foods, as in, they provided the product used. The list of products and thoughts on essential oils and claims of the way they work are my own and do not necessarily represent the thoughts and beliefs of NOW Foods. I am not a physician or a specialist by any means! That said, I only work with brands that I stand behind personally and that I use in my daily life so, whether sponsored or not, any product recommended on this website is something I recommend to anyone in my day to day life.

**Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. Do not exceed dilutions recommended. For adults only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant/nursing. Not intended for use with pets. Discontinue and consult your healthcare practitioner if rash appears after skin contact.**

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