5 Things I Want My Little Sister to Know


As the oldest of 5 children [four girls and one boy], I too often tried to play the part of parent. I was always getting involved where I shouldn’t because I wanted to help my sisters and brother go through life as smoothly as possible with as little hurt and pain as possible. I used to do this especially to my younger sisters and I would get angry when they pushed my advice aside or did the opposite. After all, I’d forged the path so that they could follow behind exactly how I did it, but without the mistakes, right? Shouldn’t they want my advice? I’d talk to them as if I was their mom. I’d boss them around and give my opinion where it wasn’t needed. But it was all for THEIR OWN GOOD, right?



What I didn’t realize is that my actions were harming my relationships with my sisters. My good intentions were coming across as judgmental, prideful and overstepping. I had to learn really quickly that I need to STAY OUT OF IT and instead guide them through life with encouragement and love. My sisters already have a mother… that’s not my job.


However, there are 5 things that I DO want my sisters to know. I want them to take these words with them as they journey through life and never forget them. These are the FIVE things I want my little sisters to hold in their hearts forever.

1. I think you are so beautiful.

Inside and out, you are gorgeous. You have something inside of you that just shines. I see it. I love it. When we’re together, I see people look at you. They see your outside beauty, but I get to see your heart… and boy is it beautiful! No matter what anyone says, you need to know that you always have someone in this world who thinks you are just the cutest thing they’ve ever seen.

2. I look up to you.

Even though you’re younger than me, I want to be like you. I want to be more loving like you. I want to be more laid back and less anxious like you. I want to be as cool as you are. You are joyful, funny and so inherently kind. You may wear clothes that I would never wear, or you may be into things that I would never be into or date boys that I would never date, but you have so many qualities that I cherish. That’s why if you’re hanging out with someone who doesn’t see what I see, I won’t like them. And if they hurt you, I REALLY won’t like them and then I’mma let you know, k?

3. I’m here for you.

All those things you’re going through? Remember that I’ve been there. If you need someone to listen, I’ll be there. If you need someone to cry with, I’ll be there. If you need someone to have your back, girl you KNOW I’ll be there! I’m there to back you up, be by your side, build you up and bail you out! And I promise that I’ll only give advice when you want it.

4. I’m proud of you.

I’ve seen you on your best days and I’ve seen you at your worst. No matter what, I am proud to be your sister. I will shout it from the rooftops, “Do you see that girl? She’s so cool and great and wonderful and SHE’S MY SISTER!! We have the SAME GENES, which means I’m pretty cool, too! YEAH!!” I’m so dad-gum proud.

5. I love you.

I might not always show it, but I do. I will always carry you in a special place in my heart. You were my first best friend and in then end, you will still be my number one. We’ve been through birthday parties and baptisms together; hair-do’s and heartbreaks, summer camp and stomach bugs, periods and prom. You were there when I was sad, you were there when I walked down the aisle, you were there when I had my baby boy. We’ve been through so much together and I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather walk through this life next to. I love you so much, little sister.

Don’t you ever forget it.



*I have a whole other set of things I want my little brother to know… Now that is one special kid!

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  • Claire
    Posted at 20:36h, 16 April

    Sweetest thing ever. I love you chan!!!!!

    • Karen Willis
      Posted at 14:37h, 17 April

      Your article is so well written & sweet! Great job!

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