5 Ways Indoor Plants Make Us Happier

5 Ways Indoor Plants Make Us Happier

Filling your home with indoor plants can do way more than just add a nice decoration in your living room. While they are beautiful, indoor plants can actually help benefit us in myriad ways, boosting our overall moods and happiness. Whether you’re interested in filling your house with standing plants or have just a few little ones on your desk, any addition of indoor plants can do us some good.

  1. They create a calm, positive environment.

There is nothing more relaxing than being surrounded by nature— and luckily, we don’t always have to be outside to do that. When we place more plants around our home, unwinding at the end of the day becomes easier than ever. In fact, studies have shown that plants have the natural ability to reduce stress levels and boost our moods.

Flowers, especially, have been known to help create optimism within the home, as they can lift our spirits, calm our nerves, and feel more comfortable in the spaces we’re in.

  1. Indoor plants help increase productivity.

Putting a small houseplant on your desk may be the one of the best decisions you can make for your work life. Plants have been proven to increase overall productivity for those around them, and can even help improve our memory. Having a sharp mind and the ability to focus is key in completing what you need to get done. And, when we have the help of plants, this becomes easier than ever.

  1. They help us heal.

There’s a reason we bring people flowers — be it for a celebration or for some healing. It’s more than just for their beauty: plants can actually help our brains and bodies heal. A study conducted by Kansas State University found that patients who were recovering from surgery saw lower pain levels and blood sugar, lessened anxiety, and increased motivation when plants were present.

What does this all mean? Simply that having plants regularly around your home is not only aesthetically appealing, but they can also help you to feel better on a daily basis. 

  1. Indoor plants can help reduce distracting background noises.

 When the exterior of your house is surrounded by plants, background noises become more muddied and less noticeable. Well, the same goes for the inside of your house, too. The more plants you have, the more of a barrier you have against distracting noises outside like cars honking or dogs barking. You may not know it, plants are able to quite literally absorb sound through their various parts. This can create the calming, soothing atmosphere we always dream of having.

  1. They remove harmful toxins from the air

Indoor air pollution is an extremely common thing that most of us don’t even realize we have. Air pollution can cause myriads of health issues over time, increasing our chances of having strokes, heart disease, and other serious respiratory problems. Plants, however, can act as a filter.

Able to purify and remove various harmful toxins from the air, having plants within your household can have you healthier than ever. Give your body the clean air it deserves, and surround yourself with some green.

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